13 advantages of houseplants

Comfort is a state of mind. That moment when you are free and can be yourself. When you surround yourself with something beautiful, inspiring and warm. When you change a space, you change yourself. Plants are one of the details that form the very cozy and lively atmosphere in your home.

1. Helps you relax

The purple petals of the African violet stimulate the release of adrenaline. This results in higher energy levels and an increased flow of oxygen to the brain. These processes in the body help a person to relax. 

2. Natural humidifier

If you place a few Boston ferns in your apartment, you will not have to spend money on an expensive device that regulates the humidity of the air. This plant releases moisture thanks to the process – transpiration, during which water evaporates from the surface of the leaves.

3. Healing properties

According to the National Institute of Health, aloe vera was known in ancient Egypt as the “plant of immortality” and was used to speed up the healing of wounds. Nowadays, people use the juice of this houseplant to reduce the pain of burns. Site Yurovsky

4. Give inspiration

Horticulture expert Justin Hancock of Costa Farms reports that the colorful leaves of Croton can inspire and energize everything around you. So if you’re experiencing a creative crisis, get such a houseplant for your home.

5. Reduce the risk of developing allergies

Spider plants can help to reduce the risk of allergies and get rid of runny nose, which appears because of dust. Their leaves can absorb allergens and can rid the room of 90% of toxins in two days.

6. Clean the air

According to a study by NASA scientists, it became known that English ivy is the best air purifier because it is excellent at absorbing formaldehyde. If you have this indoor plant in your home, you can be sure that the air you breathe is healthy and clean.

7. Give energy

If an ornamental Aglaonema plant appears in the bathroom of your apartment, you will start waking up easier in the morning. Its leaves are red in color, which increases your appetite and gives you a burst of energy.

8. Improve attention span

A study by the Royal College of Agriculture found that students are 70% more attentive when there are plants in the room. There are many varieties of plants that can survive in office spaces where there is little sunlight. But among them all, experts single out bamboo, which can give a workspace the necessary feng shui impulses.

9. Stress reduction

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, flowering houseplants (such as an anthurium) help reduce stress levels.

10. Reduce eye fatigue

The creeping Potos plant can relieve eye irritation and fatigue. This is the conclusion reached by the experts of the steptohealth portal. They believe that after a few hours of work at the computer just look at this potted plant, and eye strain will be significantly reduced. Potos can also prevent the development of glaucoma and cataracts.

11. Plants to diversify the interior

There is no single style of interior, where would not fit indoor plants. For the minimalist style, for example, the laconic and stately sterlitia and sansevieria are perfect. Use big indoor palms and ferns for the Balinese style. For a classic style, use plants with large, rounded foliage and crowns (ficus, diffenbahia, dracenas, ivy, azalea).

12. Flowers don’t require much attention

If you’re worried about not being able to devote a lot of time to taking care of houseplants, everything can be solved – just choose unpretentious specimens for yourself. You will be fine: Monster, sansevieria, scindapsus, elastic ficus, pelea, and, of course, zamioculcas. But this absolutely does not mean that you can plant them and forget, no. These representatives are just more tolerant of the lack of water and light.

13. You do not need a lot of space for flowers

It is not necessary to choose bulky plants with bulky pots. Cute succulents in miniature unusual cachet will perfectly decorate the space and will not take unnecessary space. Climbing plants are another option. They can be placed on the highest shelves, which are usually empty, or on open shelves – it looks compact and beautiful.

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