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5 Best Project Management Remote Work Tools

In modernity, project management is a highly in-demand and well-paid job. Indeed it is not for nothing that the job enjoys this popularity: the position is complex and is very responsible, as these people are leaders of their teams. 

But project managers, like all other employees, have to work in a remote mode or part-time when necessary. Be it a business trip or a critical situation like the pandemic, the option of remote working is viable for them too. Part-time jobs in London, Berlin and other big cities are in demand and project manager part-time vacancies are not an exception. 

Though it’s true that companies have implemented such automation tools like a real estate chatbot or ads manager to make the workers job easier, still there are some tech tools that are indispensable for remote project management. 

In this article, read about some tools project managers use to work in the remote mode: tools that make remote work possible. 

1. Zoom 

Zoom is a video conferencing tool with top video and audio quality. It doesn’t slow down, and multiple users can join it. It has a free version, which is essential but can be sufficient enough not to use the paid ones. But in case you use it for large teams, the premium version will be more suitable. And consider the fact that when the team gets bigger, the cost of using the platform increases. 

2. Trello 

Trello is an online task management tool. It allows distribution of the tasks, setting deadlines, checking how they progress, and giving the final versions of functions to the appropriate colleague. The task management tool is free and very easy to use, and its only con is its limited storage. Large data files cannot be uploaded on it; subsequently, it does not fit big working teams. 

3. Toggl

Toggle is software that tracks the time of projects. The platform is straightforward to use, and many managers find it absolutely necessary to use. The free version is fine for most managers. And it does not require much time from managers to see the results of the progress of tasks. 

4. Google Docs

Whatever can be done in Microsoft Office, you can easily do it on Google Docs. It is a perfect alternative for using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It can be used by signing in to your Google Account. 

Google Docs has millions of features and is fun and light to use. Not a single misadventure can be mentioned on this one. 

5. Calm 

Calm is not a project management remote work tool, but project managers very much recommend it because this app can make the usage of all the other platforms more effective. This is a meditation app, and it guides you to meditate by giving meditation sessions from 3 to 5 minutes. 

There are a lot of helpful apps today: some of them perform through artificial intelligence, some of them not, but you should consider using this one, because what is more important than our mental health and balance. 


A project manager’s job requires a high sense of responsibility because, as already mentioned, the job is about leadership and being responsible for the position of the whole team. These tools are the ones that are the essentials to enable project managers’ remote work. But undoubtedly, project management remains a job that requires offline communication. So if there is an option of working face-to-face for these people, it is definitely the prioritized one because nothing can substitute the in-person communication of the leader and his team. Working among the team and giving solutions to problems together is another level of professionalism. 

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