5 Great Wellness Herbal Teas Available in US Tea Shops

There are many people across the US for whom wellness is a big deal. With so much chaos in the world, focusing on your own well-being (as something you can actually control) is becoming ever more popular. The good news is that you can find a ton of great wellness-boosting beverages at tea shops across the country. 

It would be accurate to say that there are countless blends for you to choose from, each offering its own unique flavors and consistencies. However, we don’t want you to have to go through the time and trouble of researching them yourself, which is why we went and found 5 of our top picks in this regard. 

Tea Shops Blend #1 – Rasa Tea

Rasa tea contains elderberry, which is one of the most effective options for boosting your body’s immunity. You can try other ways of getting these elderberries into your system, although enjoying them in a hot beverage is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing ways to do so. 

Blends like this one also contain something called adaptogenic herbs, which are known to enhance your energy levels – making it a popular choice in US tea shops. 

Blend #2 – Chaga Chai 

Another great option for health is Chaga Chai, a blend that’s believed to support both your immune system and overall body health. What makes it good for health is the high amounts of anti-inflammatory qualities it has, as well as containing calcium, manganese, iron, vitamin D and potassium.

It’s rather tasty, too, containing cardamom, nutmeg, coconut pieces, ginger and chaga mushrooms for a delicious pick-me-up.

Blend #3 – Rhodiola & Lion’s Mane Tea 

If you’re looking for an energizing drink that doesn’t give you the jittery feeling that comes from caffeine, then Lion’s Mane & Rhodolia tea might just be your best tipple! Available in either loose tea or tea bags, this option is non-acidic, offers bold flavors and is mightily delicious!

We all need a jolt from time to time to help us refocus, and there’s no healthier or tastier way to get that energy boost in the morning or afternoon. 

Blend #4 – Tulsi Herbal Tea (The De-stressor)

If your day-to-day life is challenging and stressful, you won’t need to be told that you need something to tackle the impact this kind of stress can have on your mind and body. Leaning in to take advantage of the mystical nature of ayurvedic medicine, tulsi herbal tea is able to nurture both body and mind, leaving you feeling de-stressed and calm. 

It’s not a coincidence that many people who also do yoga swear by Tulsi herbal tea for this very reason, so if stress is a big factor in your life, it’s worth considering. 

Blend #5 – Happy Pill Tea 

The last of our great wellness teas is happy pill tea, which like Tulsi herbal tea, helps people to unwind and shed the stresses of everyday life. Containing ashwagandha and holy basil, the beverage is known to stimulate adrenaline in the body, allowing you to feel calmer while also feeling more energized and ready for what’s to come. 

You’ll Find an Array of Options Available at US Tea Shops

Every single one of these blends is tasty and good for the body. Of course, taste is a subjective thing, but we think that you’ll find at least one of these delicious options to your liking.

The only way is to try them out for yourself and, who knows? You might end up finding even more selections to try. Whatever you end up choosing, you’ll get to enjoy some incredible creations along the way there. 

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