6 Types Of Violent Crimes That Cause Significant Harm. A 5-Minute Read!

Crimes that entail physical violence and firearms are significant. Moreover, the law will hold the perpetrator of such crimes accountable by imposing penalties. Being a victim of violence can be an exceedingly nerve-wracking experience. A victim may sustain some bodily harm or injury but may also be severely traumatized emotionally due to the incident. Additionally, violence can hasten a person’s death or create injuries that are not lethal.

Violent crimes occur daily in streets, markets, and bus stations, among other places. Most of the time, violent crimes happen on purpose, with the victimizer seeking retribution or some additional advantage. Robbery, thefts, pickpocketing, murder, stabbing, and other crimes cause financial and physical harm to the victims and families. Victims of violent crimes can sue the perpetrator for justice and just compensation. A professional and trustworthy personal injury lawyer helps the victim to claim damages. Atlanta personal injury lawyer is knowledgeable and experienced in violent crime situations, assisting affected persons in recouping their losses and regaining peace of mind.

Types of violent crimes

The following are four categories of violent crimes and their harm to victims.


Being a robbery victim is a frightening event, particularly when the heist involves using guns. In addition to having their valuables stolen, victims of armed robberies often suffer from emotional trauma due to the experience of having their lives threatened. The workplace, the streets, automated teller machine centers, and public transportation are potential locations for robberies. Therefore, according to law enforcement, a robbery victim is eligible for compensation. Still, they must immediately report the crime to the police to be considered for it.


Stabbing is a violent crime that leaves the victim with bodily and psychological injuries. In addition, it also links to injuries like scarring, severe bleeding, tendon damage, nose breakage, and other bone fractures. As a result, stabbing victims may be able to file a criminal injury compensation claim for their stab wounds, emotional suffering, and financial losses.


Murder and manslaughter are both crimes that result in the death of someone. Even though the state makes every effort to catch, punish, and reform the criminal, it does nothing to heal the harm done to the victim. Coping with any violent crime is difficult, especially when the victim dies. Receiving compensation will not let the victim’s family forget about their loved one, but it will alleviate their financial concerns and allow them to focus solely on their recovery.

Sexual violence

When a person forcefully makes physical contact with another person without their consent, it is known as sexual assault. Sexual abuse is a serious offense that can have long-term consequences for the victim or survivor. Most sexual assaults result in the victim receiving life-threatening physical injuries at the hands of the perpetrator. Physical force, deception, and threats are strategies that a perpetrator could use to force someone to engage in sexual activity without their consent. The victim and their loved ones may find it difficult to know what to say or do after the incident, but there are ways to offer constructive assistance and obtain legal aid. If a person faces sexual violence or receives threats, they should file a case against the perpetrator and retain the services of a personal injury lawyer. Atlanta personal injury lawyers are intelligent and skilled attorneys who will convict the abuser in court and recover just compensation.

White Collar Crimes

White collar violations are committed by people from the upper socio-economic class who do so in the course of their work. Examples include employee theft (money laundering), market manipulation, tax evasion, and other income tax crimes.

Hate crimes

A violent crime committed against another person based on that person’s caste, religion, culture, race, or gender identity is an example of a hate crime. A hate crime can be any illegal or non-criminal act such as smearing someone’s name, vandalizing their property, calling someone a derogatory term, assaulting someone, or abusing someone online via social media. Being a victim of a crime motivated by hatred is a distressing and, more importantly, illegal experience that society should never tolerate.

To Sum Up

Having a violent crime committed against you or a loved one can be incredibly unpleasant and disruptive, and the consequences can sometimes last for a long time. The majority of crimes happen with the intent of causing bodily, emotional, and financial harm to the victim. In the perspective of the law, violence against an innocent human being is illegal, and the perpetrator must pay for his wrongdoings. Therefore, if a person faces assault, gets robbed, or is threatened with violence, he should seek quick legal help from a personal injury lawyer. For the best counsel in your case, call 404-800-1156 to schedule a free consultation with an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

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