At the Point When Will My Puppy Sleep Through the Night?

At the point when Will My Puppy Sleep through the night? This is a question that most puppy owners want answered, but there’s no one magic solution. It all depends on the dog, their biology, and the adjustment period. Some puppies adjust to their new home immediately, while others take more time. In either case, the more time you invest in the beginning, the sooner your puppy will adjust.

You need to train your dog to sleep on a crate

If your puppy is a night owl, you may find yourself up at 6 a.m. each morning to take it out for a potty break. However, if you can train your puppy to sleep in a crate, he or she may sleep longer during the day. Similarly, if you can give him or her a snuggle after he or she has been potty trained, your puppy will be willing to sleep longer.


Once your puppy is 16 weeks old, most of them will sleep for up to six to 10 hours at a time. Once they reach that milestone, your puppy will start to sleep through “your night.” Even though this will depend on your dog, it is a good start. In addition to the time it takes to train a puppy, you’ll also need to provide plenty of attention to your new pup.

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