Best Mini-Moon Destinations for Newlyweds

They say that the most beautiful gift of all is time. And what better way to spend it with your significant other, than to treat yourself to a quick romantic getaway with them before you get a chance to go on a grand lavish honeymoon. From going around exploring the countryside’s vineyards and riding horses on the beach to simply enjoying beautiful starry nights on moonlit walks – the possibilities of spicing up your mini moon are endless. Here are some of the prospective romantic getaways destinations for you and your beloved to consider.

1. Isle of Skye

In the laps of Mother Nature herself, this Scottish location has loads in store for you newly-weds. Hiking on the Cuilin Mountains, visiting the castles and enjoying fine dining in places like the Edibane Lodge are some of the things this scenic destination has to offer.

2. Transylvania

As dreamy as movies, this Romanian destination fashions ancient castles, lush meadows and scenic hotels. Albeit not a popular choice, it is certainly an amazing one. Together with its majestic beauty, folklore about the Dracula and unforgettable food, this is a place that just has to be on your list of destinations.

3. Lisbon

The Portuguese capital city is a beautiful cauldron of history and modernity along the banks of the Tagus river. There is an abundance of sea-views and city-light spectacles in the city, and rooftops are almost a signature of this destination. The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is one the prominent modernist attractions of the city, and the cuisines and local wine indulge you in its traditional side.

4. Sicily

Sicily is certainly on the mind of everyone who dreams to explore Europe. The Italian city by the sea is in itself a rejuvenating experience. Its stone structures of palaces, churches and houses among the misty and majestic Hyblean Mountains and its clear blue sea along the beaches is truly an unforgettable sight. A weekend with your spouse here is sure to be one of the most romantic getaways you can get.

5. Amsterdam

One of the best places for your mini-moon is the Dutch city of Amsterdam. It is packed with pretty sights all over for you to wander, curiosity-inducing museums that are fun to explore and an amazing night life.

6. Budapest

Built around the Danube river, the Hungarian capital has no shortage of things to enjoy. If you are keen on enjoying a few drinks together, the two of you can head down to the Szimpla Kert. If you would like to explore history, the city has an abundance of museums and of course, the iconic Royal Palace. Just like you and your beloved complete each other, the capital has two halves on either side of the river. So, make sure you get enough of both Buda and Pest while you are here.

Of course, what matters most is the fact that you both are with each other, where you find yourself shouldn’t matter much. And yet, you and your partner deserve the best on your mini moon so why settle for less? These destinations offer everything you need for spending unforgettable time with your partner, just choose one and there is no chance that you will get back disappointed. Happy travels!

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