Bursitis: Everything You Need To Know

The pressure on joints and feet leads to swelling and pain. There is severe pain in the shoulders, elbow, knees and feet joints. Generally, it happens when you put pressure on your joints. If you are working in a field with extra pressure on the body, this happens over time. 

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What is Bursitis? 

Bursitis is a fluid-filled sac around the joints and cushions between bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. The bursa cushion swells red, increasing the fluid, leading to swelling and pain. 

If you perform repetitive activities, it causes trauma to your joints, and thus, your joints become weak. This weakness leads to Bursitis. 

What are the Causes of Bursitis? 

If there is repetitive movement in your joints and muscles, you have the risk of Bursitis. Lifting heavy weights, sports, and heavy exercises will pressure your body. Some other reasons also cause Bursitis, such as leaning down for a long time on your knees and elbows. 

What are the symptoms of Bursitis? 

The primary symptom of Bursitis is long-lasting pain for more than two weeks. The pain is so severe that it prevents the movement of joints. It is also associated with fever, making it difficult to move and work. 

The joints also have swelling and redness, along with sharp shooting pain. So, if you are facing any of these problems, you can contact your doctor for better treatment. 

What is the Diagnosis and Treatment of Bursitis?

Diagnosis of Bursitis is a long process, as there are some questions about your medical history. Doctors will ask for your joint pain history and other circumstances. There are some manual examinations that you can conduct, such as X-rays and MRIs. 

Treating Bursitis involves lifestyle changes such as resting, elevating the injured joints and limiting physical activities. Doctors can also recommend some anti-inflammatory medicines and put some splints or bands on the joints. 

What are some Precautions that you can take against Bursitis?

Treatment is the secondary option; you should first try to avoid having Bursitis in its first place. Exercise regularly with mild body pressure because heavy pressure will not help you to overcome this disease. Whenever you start experiencing joint pain, you can use a cushion to elevate it and put support. 

Keep your posture correct while sleeping and sitting. Don’t sit for long hours; maintain your body accurately in your daily activities. 

If you take these precautions and still get this problem, you should immediately contact the doctor. 

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