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Buying Guide For Blum Drawers in UK.

Investing in good quality drawer fittings ensures drawers work well for the lifetime of the furniture. Blum fittings are proven and tested to 200 000 opening and closing cycles.

Drawers can look beautiful on the outside but it’s the inside that counts – so choosing quality fittings that perform is key. Take the hassle out of organising your drawers with a well-thought-out inner dividing system like ORGA-LINE by Blum.

Runner systems for wood drawers

Blum offers runner systems for wood drawers that ensure smooth and effortless opening and closing. These products are available in a variety of designs and are suitable for any space.

Previously, cabinetry drawers did not have any type of runners, which caused issues due to the buildup of friction on sliding wood surfaces. Runners help to smooth out the motion of drawers, and they also allow the fitting area of a drawer to be expanded.

The simplest and cheapest type of drawer runner is the roller runner. This device uses two plastic sliding parts to provide horizontal stability when you open a drawer.

Another type of runner is the ball-bearing runner, which uses special ball bearings to facilitate the opening and closing of drawers. These runner systems can offer partial or full extension options, and many of them have a gentle drawer closing system that prevents the drawer from making an audible clunk.

The runner systems offered by blum drawers uk include MOVENTO and TANDEM. These products are durable and can withstand heavy loads. They have an elegant appearance and are easy to install.

Runner systems for metal drawers

Runner systems are the latest innovation in drawer slides. They allow for smoother, more fluid movement and add an element of style to kitchens.

Blum offers a range of different runner systems to fit any drawer project. Some options include MOVENTO with a synchronised feather-light glide and 4-dimensional front adjustment, TANDEM for a concealed runner system and STANDARD with a roller runner and proven technology.

Some runner systems are designed to support the TIP-ON mechanical opening system, which opens with a light touch and closes silently. Others offer soft-close features to ensure that your drawers are as comfortable and effortless to use as possible.

When choosing a runner for your drawer, choose a system with enough strength to support the weight of your drawer. Look for a slide that is rated to handle around 75 lbs, which will be plenty for most everyday use in the kitchen. If you have a heavier drawer, consider a Heavy-Duty slide to boost durability and make sure that your drawers will remain functional for years to come.

Inner dividing systems

Whether you’re organising the contents of drawers, high fronted pull-outs or cabinet shelves – practical inner dividing systems help to give everything their place. Cutlery, pots and pans, bottles or bathroom accessories – everything is well organised, neatly stored and in easy reach.

Blum drawers uk practical Rejs UK dividers make it a breeze to keep cutlery, bottles and other small items in their designated places. With the Rejs UK container dividers for drawers and cross and longside dividers for high fronted pull-outs you can tailor your storage space to your specific needs.

Rejs UK also provides a range of other practical organisers for kitchen cabinets and storage spaces. These include holders for knives, plates and spices, as well as a film/foil dispenser.

These clever solutions are not only stylish, they also work perfectly. They are dishwasher safe, make organisation child’s play and are made from durable stainless steel. They’re available in various design options to suit your style of interior.

Handle-less kitchens

Handle-less kitchens are an increasingly popular design feature for luxury contemporary spaces. These cabinets ooze a clean and sleek look that blends unobtrusively with the rest of the interior.

If you choose to go for a handle-less cabinet, it is important to consider the material that will be used. This will have a big impact on how often your drawers will need cleaning.

In particular, it is recommended that you avoid any door or drawer fronts that have a polished finish – this can make it difficult to remove the film of dirt that forms on them after a while.

Similarly, the colour you choose will have a huge impact on how often your handles need to be cleaned. White is a safe bet for handleless units, but it is worth playing around with different colours and patterns.

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