Bybit Review: A Complete Guide to Using the Popular Crypto Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is the simplest way to acquire crypto assets. It is simpler for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies because most cryptocurrencies offer user-friendly platforms for their customers. These exchanges are usually centralized; however, cryptocurrencies’ real nature aspires to decentralization instead of being centralized. Although most of the market is driven by centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, many cryptocurrency supporters claim that having a controlled exchange does not improve the market. As in Bybit review it is a cryptocurrency derivative exchange not governed by any nation, unlike Binance and Kucoin.

What is Bybit?

First off, Ben Zhou created Bybit in March 2018. Furthermore, Bybit is a cryptocurrency trader run by the Bybit Fintech Limited business. This business is supported by a highly skilled workforce that includes former employees of software companies, investment banks, and even blockchain pioneers. Although this cryptocurrency exchange has its foundation and headquarters in Singapore, it also accepts traders from many other nations, including South Korea, Canada, and other European nations. Due to its focus on futures and derivatives trading, this cryptocurrency exchange attracted media interest. More specifically, the attention was attracted to the up to 100x leverage on the ETH/USD and BTC/USD trading pairs.

Bybit Features

Crypto Derivates

To put it simply, Crypto Derivates are contracts or tools that derive their value from another asset. In other words, secondary contracts that gain value depend on a main underlying asset, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this way, crypto derivatives eliminate the requirement for having a specific cryptocurrency to make money by enabling investors to profit from crypto based on the price movement of that cryptocurrency system. In short, you place a bet on whether the price of a crypto asset will increase or decrease, and if you are right, you win.

Ordered in Advance

Bybit allows its users to rapidly set up “take profits” and “stop losses” through these advanced orders. It indicates that you are free to place orders for “take profit” and “stop loss” without needing to fill them out. Several different orders can be placed. Some options include a limit order, market order, and conditional order. Through the options to manage the duration of each purchase, the platform also offers significant freedom in how you handle the transfer of funds.

Features of Bybit

Now let us proceed to discuss some benefits of using the Bybit exchange.

Extremely Low Trading Fees

The effectiveness of a cryptocurrency exchange is greatly affected by trading fees. Trading commissions on certain major exchanges might exceed 1% for each trade. Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange that charges 0.079% for taker trades and negative 0.025% for maker trades in perpetual contracts. It indicates that makers receive a rebate of 0.022% on each trade. The maker trading fee for spot trading is zero per cent, while the taker trading fee is one per cent.

High Liquidity

Bybit has significant liquidity because it is one of the top 5 crypto derivative exchanges and has a trading volume of over $14 billion. High liquidity enables traders to trade quickly in cryptocurrencies with little price slippage.

Cons Explained

Let us now discuss the drawbacks of using the Bybit exchange.

Few Cryptocurrencies Are Available

On the Bybit market, there are just roughly 20 cryptocurrencies that may be traded. These coins are available on Bybit:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. EOS (EOS)
  3. Dotcoin (DOT)
  4. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Being Unregulated

Traders from the United States, Singapore, Quebec, and many other nations are not permitted to use the Bybit exchange, although it is legal and secure. It is due to the exchange being unregulated, among other factors.

Bybit vs Kucoin

Bybit comes out on top when considering the options available to expert traders. Overall, Bybit vs Kucoin cryptocurrency exchanges are successful in their niches. It is challenging to choose among them because each offers a sizable number of distinctive advantages. Use the crypto exchange that best suits you, then, at all times. However, for security purpose bybit have more security compared to Kucoin.


Users can trade and leverage cryptocurrencies on the Bybit platform, which exchanges cryptocurrency derivatives. In contrast to many of its competitors, the site offers unstacking periods and has a straightforward user interface that both novice and experienced traders will find simple to use. Bybit could become the next best thing in the future of crypto derivatives trading.

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