Can A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Help Me With Amputation Injury?

Working in a hazardous environment is risky as you are exposed to several dangers. And one of the traumatic situations is an Amputation injury. Amputation injury is the loss of any body parts like a finger, hand or limb. When a worker gets injured at the workplace and suffers badly from the loss of a limb then he is entitled to workers’ compensation. These injuries usually happen at the construction site, industrial sites, commercial bakeries or the workplace where heavy machines are used. 

No doubt it’s quite a painful and drastic situation. When the worker who is injured gets to know that he loses his limbs receives a sudden shock. He becomes totally blank about what steps he should take now. However, at this time no one can support you and help you more than a lawyer. Therefore, you should contact a New York Workers Compensation Lawyer. Your lawyer will claim the compensation that you deserve. And sometimes a lawyer’s struggle helps you to get more than that. 

OSHA Regulations

The U.S Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has provided a wide range of regulations to avoid injuries at the workplace. They have worked to provide safety in the workplace. According to them

  • Every workplace should provide safety clothes or workwear to their workers so they can save their life.
  • Workers should be provided with the basic knowledge of safety precautions.
  • It is essential to lock up the machine while cleaning, oiling or greasing to avoid accidents.

Well, these are some of the regulations and it is the responsibility of every worker to follow these regulations. But the truth is that an accident happens suddenly and it is the duty of the company to facilitate their workers with workers’ compensation so they can pay their medical bills.

What Benefits You Can Get If You Have Faced Amputation Injury?

Amputation injury is indeed a severe causality. The whole victim’s life gets disturbed along with their social life and work plan. If he loses both of his lower limbs then surely, he will become mentally and emotionally depressed. Sometimes out of the depression he gets emotional thoughts like how I will earn now, what about my family or will I be a burden on others? These emotional thoughts lead to suicidal thoughts. This is the time when he needs huge support from co-workers, family and his lawyer. 

However, compensation depends on the intensity of the injury. If you have faced a severe amputation injury then you are eligible for compensation like

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • And other personal injury claims
  • Future treatment expenses 

Though if you have faced a permanent disability then you can get a lot of other benefits. Your lawyer will let you know what compensation you can claim. 

What Evidence Do You Need To Claim Workers’ Compensation?

In amputation injury, the evidence that matters the most is doctors’ testimony and attestation. If the doctor declares that the victim is disabled and loses his lower limbs for a lifetime then no one can stop you from claiming workers’ compensation. You can also claim lost wages and other expenses for treatment. If your doctors prescribed you therapies and other treatments like artificial limbs then you can go for the further process. Your lawyer will also help you in this matter. He will inform your company owner about the doctor’s suggestion and ask for the amount so that you can go forward with the further process.

After the injury, other than doctor testimony or attestation, co-workers’ testinomines can make your case strong. If you have faced injury at the workplace due to an improper working machine then your lawyer can also do an investigation so that he can make the case valid and decisive. 

Will You Lose Your Job After an Amputation Injury?

No, you can’t lose your job after an amputation injury. No doubt the victim gets the thought that his manager will take him out of the job but this is not mandatory. You can continue your job if you feel ok. But if you lose your upper limb and feel difficulty in managing the workload then sometimes your company managers shift you to another department where you can feel relaxed. 

And if the disability is permanent, like you lost lower limbs and you can’t come to the office regularly then you can get some amount of wages for lifelong if you win your worker’s compensation claim.

Wrapping Up

Suffering from amputation injury is no doubt a traumatic experience. Honestly speaking, no one can heal the pain of losing any of the body parts. But you should not lose hope. You need to be strong and should take some legal steps. You can take help from the New York Workers Compensation Lawyer. The lawyer will support you and guide you regarding what benefits you can get after an amputation injury. He will help you to claim workers’ compensation and other damages you have faced.

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