Can Arthritic Dogs Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy?

A study was conducted to determine whether arthritic dogs could benefit from stem cell therapy. The researchers divided the patients into groups based on their age, weight, and gender. The animals were rated based on their overall wellbeing, mobility, and joint pain. A score of one means they were in good condition, whereas a score of three indicates that the disease had worsened.

The quality of life of dogs with osteoarthritis needs to be improved

The study examined 122 dogs that were suffering from osteoarthritis. A team of Italian veterinarians administered stem cell injections to 130 arthritic dogs. Compared to human patients, the results were promising for six months. The study showed no complications. Although the procedure is still experimental, it is highly effective and can help improve the quality of life for dogs with osteoarthritis.

Stem cell therapy is a single-step procedure

The researchers collected stem cells from a dog’s fat tissue and injected them back into the animal’s joints. The dogs were able to go home the same day. The researchers found that 78 percent of the dogs had improved after one month and 88 percent had improved after six months. Interestingly, the stem cell therapy procedure is a single-step process. The scientists eliminated the need for cell culture processing togelup.


The procedure has several exciting future directions. While the current treatment is not yet FDA-approved, it could be a game changer. In addition, stem cell therapy is becoming a standard of care for pets and humans, allowing vets to offer more treatments for more patients. The next step is to find a reliable source of stem cells that will treat the pet’s particular case. You can also look for a reputable Australian company that provides CAD-MSCs to veterinary clinics.

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