Can Pets Get or Spread Coronavirus Its Likely Not?

Fortunately, there’s no evidence that pets can contract COVID-19, and it’s unlikely that they will infect anyone. This type of coronavirus is spread through close contact between humans and animals, so it’s important to avoid pets when you’re sick. If you are ill, be sure to wash your hands before touching your pets and wear a face mask when around animals.

Find ways to make the disease more contagious and prevent it from spreading

The CoVERS team is testing a small number of people in emergency care with the new virus and collaborating with a veterinarian to test livestock. Eventually, they hope to open the study up to pet owners to receive swab samples from their pets for analysis. Once this research is complete, the team will begin to look for possible dead-end transmission events. If this occurs, the researchers will find ways to make the disease more contagious and prevent it from doithuong.


The CoVERS team is also testing human patients in emergency care and working with Tufts Veterinary Field Service to test livestock. As more data is collected, they’ll be able to expand the study to include all pet owners. In the meantime, they’ll be asking people to send samples of their pets for testing. The study will provide the most comprehensive data available and allow people to decide whether or not to share their pet with others.

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