Causes of Midcheek Groove

Midcheek Groove is a deep line that occurs under the wing of the nose to the corner of the mouth. This is noticeable when the facial muscles move. Especially when smiling or laughing, Midcheek Groove is one of the most common skin problems. But people have Midcheek. Deep Groove may feel a loss of confidence when expressing emotions through facial expressions. and also make you look older than your age

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The tissues and muscles around the cheeks, chin and around the mouth may sag with age. Cause Midcheek Deep groove on face Midcheek problem Groove can be treated to fade wrinkles in many ways. You can find the answer from this article.

Causes of cheek grooves

Cheek furrows can be caused by a number of reasons. both internal factors and external factors from the environment It can often be found for the following reasons.

– increasing age Collagen under the skin may deteriorate. The structure of the cheekbones may change. This causes the skin around the cheeks to sag and the more pressure is applied to create deeper cheek grooves.

– Smoking, the heat from cigarettes and the use of the muscles of the mouth and cheeks during smoking. May affect facial muscles In addition, the chemicals in cigarettes can destroy collagen and elastin in the skin, causing the skin to become sagging and wrinkled.

– exposure to strong sunlight The UV rays in sunlight are another culprit that destroys collagen and elastin in the skin. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity and premature aging.

– change in body weight When the shape is fatter The skin will expand over a long period of time. Collagen and elastin in the skin are destroyed. when losing weight The skin is difficult to return to its original state. make the skin sagging lack of firmness and wrinkles

In addition, other factors that can cause nasolabial folds include frequent sleeping on the side, dry skin, and heredity

Various ways to reduce cheek grooves

There are several ways to fix the cheek groove problem. Both the use of skin products, surgery and surgery, which should be consulted with a dermatologist to determine the cause and choose a method that is suitable for each individual skin condition.

skin cream application

Using over-the-counter skin care products It is one of the popular options used to reduce wrinkles around the cheeks. Especially creams containing retinol. which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells Stimulates the creation of new skin cells to replace slow down the deterioration of collagen and helps to strengthen the inner skin thereby reducing the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin

In addition, creams containing vitamin C, peptides, hydroxy acids (Hydroxy Acids) or essential oils that have been diluted to suit certain skin types. It may help reduce wrinkles as well. However, using topical products may take longer to see results and often provide temporary results.

Filler injections

Filler injections are the most popular method for treating nasolabial folds. The substance is injected into the skin layer to help correct skin problems such as acne scars and fill in the skin that has deteriorated and has wrinkles. or to reshape the face in areas such as the chin or mouth. The commonly used fillers are hyaluronic acids, which are important substances in the skin that help retain moisture in the skin. Makes the skin elastic and reduces wrinkles with age.

Filler injections do not require a long recovery period. And results from filler injections can last for about 6–12 months, but some people may experience side effects. like allergic reactions The skin at the injection site is bruised. or other symptoms


Thread lifting is one of the ways to tighten the skin and correct wrinkles around the cheekbones. By using melted silk inserted under the skin to stimulate the tissues around the cheek grooves to tighten. This is another popular method as it is suitable for those who are not ready to undergo surgery. and those who do not want to take a long time to recuperate

Thread lifting often sees results in the firmness of the skin immediately. But the results will be more evident after about 2-3 days after thread lifting or after the swelling and bruising begin to subside. Thread lifting results can last for about 1–3 years, and your doctor may recommend other lifting techniques later for better results.

cheek groove surgery

Surgery is an option for those who have deep cheekbones and want long-lasting results. The surgery will pull the sagging skin to be firmer. Helps reduce wrinkles and deep wrinkles caused by aging. but can be costly take a long recovery period And there is a chance of complications after surgery such as scars, pain and swelling around the surgery area. or subcutaneous haemorrhage. The results may last up to 10 years after surgery. and the skin may return to sagging over time.

There are several methods of solving the cheek groove problem. Therefore, consult a dermatologist before deciding to use any treatment. Your doctor will help you assess your skin problem and choose the right treatment. However, wrinkles and premature aging can be prevented by keeping your skin moisturized, applying sunscreen, and eating a healthy diet. especially foods that are high in antioxidants avoid smoking and weight control To help keep skin healthy and youthful.

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