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In the names of the watching gods Chinabased, we bring you a word from the gods: guard your food. Food poison or not, there is no turning back on it and trust us. The old saying, “you are what you eat” still applies here in KVH. In case you’ve forgotten what it means to be an elder in this society, don’t worry! We leave that to experts like us who have seen it all… In case you’ve missed it, check out these top stories first: An incredible post-Super Bowl ad is being produced by Disney and stars American actor Kevin Spacey as The Caped Crusader! What will happen next? How will the internet react? Let’s see… Stay tuned for all the latest updates!

What does It Mean to Be an Elder in this Society?

Elders are the oldest people in the world. They live near the end of the species and are the only ones who have the ability to survive in a complex environment with an array of artificial devices, including air and water purification systems, food production mechanisms, and social interaction. Elders are also the most active members of their communities and often take part in creative activities that lifelong members can only imagine. In addition to their extensive medical knowledge, elders can also teach important skills like navigation and navigation bombing. Because they are the oldest people in the world, they are also called “Ancients” in this society.

Travel with the flow – and not the pressure

Ailes: The “flow” of the universe. We are all Ailes, and within us flows an energy known as Aile. When we are in flow, we are engaged in action. When we are in pressure, we are passive. When we are in excitement, we are at our most passive. This is how we communicate with the rest of the universe. Exposure to high levels of stress causes blemishes called “markers” in the body. These marks are believed to be a reflection of anxiety, stress, and/or excess energy flow. When we are exposed to too much stress, we are more likely to engage in actions that cause more stress to come back out. When we are in “open” water, for example, one’s Aile is exposed to far too much stress to remain “closed” (that is, unresponsive). The amount of stress that leaks out of one into the water is an indicator of how much flow is needed to maintain open perception.

The importance of balance in life

Elders have been around for a long time, and this is why they are so important. The average person is only about 100 years old. The oldest person on Earth is probably your neighbour. If your neighbour is more than 100 years your age, you are at risk of developing an advanced age-related cognitive decline. This is because the parts that make up your brain and body are organized into an intricate web of networks that make up your mental, emotional, and physical health. The oldest brain on Earth is in fact your own. You are what you eat. The younger you are, the less sophisticated your diet is likely to be. A diet high in fruits and vegetables is a sure way to keep your mental health, and reduce your risk of developing an advanced age-related cognitive decline.

What’s in a name?

Ancients, also called “Gardners,” are the oldest people in the world. They are the first people to learn to cultivate and use arts and crafts, and to invent useful materials like wooden carvings, spear points, nets, nets and more. Gardners are also the oldest people to have a university education. This means that they are the first in the entire history of the species to have a university education. They are also the oldest people to have an advanced degree in any field.

Set a daily example for your children

As you can see from the photos above, gents of age tend to be very active, outdoors, and spend a lot of time on their feet. Almost all of them also have a hobby that they like to check off the to-do list. Don’t just rely on your sweet tooth to keep you company while you’re walking the block. Show up for breakfast, lunch and dinner (yes, even at 2AM) to your meals. Don’t go running while your kids are at school. Don’t go anywhere with them (no matter how old they are) before bed. Take your time, be patient and make small talk with your loved ones while you eat. If you make a request, be sure to ask it before you fill your stomach.


Elder people are the oldest people in the world, and they are the most active members of their communities. They are also the most critical members of society. They are the ones who are most in need of help. They are the ones who are most in need of balanced, healthy lifestyles. Elders can be a danger because they lack basic human needs like caring for themselves and having the energy to take care of those needs. They also lack the ability to balance their energy flow with that of the rest of the community. Elderly people also have a tendency to overthink and overconsign their lives to happenstance because they lack someone to turn to when things don’t go as planned. This can lead to overthinking and being negatively impacted by what happens in the world around them. Elderly people can also be risk averse, which means that they tend to avoid risks that may come with a high potential for harm. This can include things like military operations, sporting events, and mining operations that may have high stakes for the environment or people’s lives.

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