Electric Yoga Is Warm and Functional

Electric Yoga was created by Michele Bohbot, a former fashion designer with over 20 years of experience. Electric Yoga combines Michele’s personal yoga practice with fashion design talent to deliver high-tech style and function. Its warm, waterproof feather-down jackets, quilted jogger pants, and vests make it an ideal choice for all-season adventures. The company also carries a wide selection of accessories, including yoga mats, towels, and yoga clothing.

Electric Yoga’s cozy collection

When winter rolls around, don’t go without cozy attire. The electric yoga brand has a cozy collection to keep you warm, while still remaining fashionable. Electric Yoga’s Kendall Panther Sweater is the perfect example of this, featuring a panther foil print and a relaxed fit. Its wide waistband and cuffs allow for ease of movement, while its machine washability makes it the perfect piece for the gym or everyday wear.

Its water-resistant feather-down jackets

Down isn’t just an insulation material for wintertime. Most brands have shifted to using down that’s responsibly sourced. Goose and duck down are sourced from animals killed for food and for their feathers, but this doesn’t mean that these animals aren’t suffering. Rather, down is an animal-friendly alternative that can provide warmth without the weight and bulk of synthetic materials.

Water-resistant down is made from a blend of insulating polymer and down fibers. They help regulate body temperature, keep the wearer warm, and reduce evaporation and condensation. However, down jackets must be cleaned on a regular basis to retain their loft and warmth. This can be achieved by sprinkling water on the jacket every so often. But this method is not perfect, so regular cleaning is necessary to prevent water from damaging down.

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You can clean down jackets by hand, but you should use a special detergent made for down. Modern laundry detergents leave a slight coating on clothing, which can reduce the down’s fluffiness. To avoid this, Richardson recommends washing down jackets with a gentle detergent that’s safe for down. Make sure to use a gentle cycle and avoid agitation.

Its quilted jogger pants

If you’re interested in investing in a new pair of jogger pants, you might want to check out the Its quilted jogger pants from Electric Yoga. Made of ultra-soft brushed fabrics, these jogger pants are great for your electric yoga sessions. They’re also perfect for running errands or just relaxing at home. With a drawstring waist and two zip pockets, you’re sure to be comfortable.

The brand is based in the United States and offers an extensive collection of activewear. Their mission is to empower women through fitness and fashion choices. The collection features a variety of styles for women, including leggings, jogger pants, boyish jeans, tank tops, and sports bras. Accessories are also designed with wellness in mind. And they’re made with durability in mind. And the best part? They’re designed to be comfortable and fashionable, too!

Its feather-down vest

If you’re looking for the ultimate in yoga gear and morgan lane, consider an Its feather-down vest. Its vests feature ultra-light down insulation, make your workout comfortable and stylish, and come in a variety of colors. You can also find matching jogger pants and a quilted vest. All pieces are fashion-forward and functional, but they run a bit small. The vest features a leather drawstring and gold accents. The pants have two zip pockets and are finished with quilted suede at the knees. They come in four different colors and are a great choice for a yoga or lifestyle piece.


The vest keeps your core warm when you’re doing yoga or any other activity that requires you to be sweaty, but it also allows your arms to stay dry. It is also easy to pack and keeps your body temperature at a comfortable level. The vest’s soft tricot-lined collar helps prevent chafing, which means you won’t have to worry about losing your down vest. You can also pack it in your bag and keep it for future use.

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