Guide to colors and prices of the Mercedes G-Class Wagon tax

The Mercedes G-Class is one of the most iconic SUVs in the automotive world and one of the few that continues to bet on this segment without giving in to the current trend starring SUVs. Although it has received some modifications in recent years, the latest generation was launched in 2018, staying true to its forms and characteristics that made it successful.

Paintings at no additional cost

The Mercedes G-Class has endless paints at no additional cost for those who do not want or cannot afford an extra payment for the final configuration of the vehicle. They are: Selenite Grey, Brilliant Blue, Emerald Green, Iridium Silver, Mojave Silver, Magnetite Black, Obsidian Black, Standard Black, Cavansite Blue, Red and Polar White.

Polar White is one of the most common paints in the Mercedes range and, in general, white is one of the most common colors on cars in Spain. Taking into account the segment to which it belongs and the brand we are talking about, having access to a metallic paint at no additional cost is something to take into account. Mainly because, as we will see below, the next jump exceeds 2,000 in cost.

The Mercedes G-Class offers this Black color for free. It’s quite an imposing paint job and works well with what the German brand is looking for in its luxury sedan. It is a fairly discreet color, very popular and that provides the elegant touch that a representative car needs. Therefore, if we do not have more money available than the cost of the car, opting for this free paint is a very good solution.

Cavansite Blue is a dark shade that fits very well with the off-road look of the Mercedes G-Class. It is a softer color than Black so it comes out a bit of the classic without losing an iota of elegance. In addition, this color is also a good alternative to highlight the sportier aspects of the German model’s bodywork.

Iridium Silver is a considerably lighter shade of gray than Mountain. It has a shine just as intense as the other, but this shade is much more popular and you will like it more at first. By getting closer to white, we will have more options to please people if we choose this color and therefore have future buyers interested in a second-hand purchase.

11 colors from 2,837

The next price level is this one that starts at 2,837. Mercedes makes 11 paintings available to its customers at this starting price, which may vary depending on the finishes chosen. We are talking about Olive, Ocean Blue, Beige, Platinum Black, Graphite Grey, Sea Blue, Green, Citrine Brown, Hyacinth Red, Mocha Black and Indian Grey.

Graphite Gray is one of the colors most associated with all this type of high-end models and the segment of both sedans and SUVs, although it does not fit badly in this SUV. In the case of the Mercedes G-Class , it perfectly supports the gray color. Not only is it a discreet and simple tone, but the shine of the metallic gives it a very elegant touch. There is another alternative with the same name, but with better paint quality, called Designo, with an extra cost of almost 3,000.

Hyacinth Red is one of the most common colors in the Mercedes range. We have already seen it in best-selling models such as the GLC, GLB, or Class A. This color adds a dose of sportiness to the bodywork and highlights the dark elements or black finishes. In addition, being a metallic paint with great intensity and shine, it also has an elegant cut. Choosing this color with versions of sports finishes such as the AMG Line can be a great decision.

From 4,629 to 6,421

Within this price range mentioned above, the Mercedes model also offers many other available paints. Diamond White, Mystic Brown, Mystic Blue, Classic Grey, China Blue, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Jupiter Red, Platinum, Manganite Grey, Dark Olive and Monza Griz.

Mystic Blue is a slightly different shade than others seen on similar models in the segment. It is a blue that closely resembles purple and gives the G-Class a more casual air. It escapes a bit from the more traditional colors within this segment of SUVs and is a good option for people who want a striking and different paint than what we are used to.

Completing our list of paint options for the Mercedes G Wagon Tax is perhaps the most unusual color to have on the car: Jupiter Red. It’s probably a color that doesn’t have the same universal appeal as silver, white, or black, but the deep hue and metallic finish give it a high-end look.

This is a color practically traced to the Diamond Silver that we saw before. Perhaps it has a slightly darker tone and that gives it a touch of greater elegance even if it loses that color contrast in the bodywork. It fits the car very well and offers a very good balance between the shine and quality of a silver color with the elegance of metallic paint. This is Manganite Gray.

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