Heart in Diamond Are Lab Grown Diamonds Really Better Than Natural Diamonds?

There are many reasons to consider buying a lab grown diamond. These include the price, its impact on the environment, and its availability in the UK. Whether lab grown diamonds can really compete with natural diamonds is a question worth considering. Heart in Diamond is a laboratory grown diamond manufacturer that explores these issues.

Impact of lab-grown diamonds

The question that is being asked by many consumers today is whether lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly and ethical than mined diamonds. The answer to this question is a resounding yes, and consumers are increasingly choosing to purchase lab-grown diamonds. Not only are they more affordable, but they are also more responsible.

The two major processes that produce lab-grown diamonds – HPHT and CVD – both require enormous amounts of energy and resources. In both cases, high temperatures and pressures are used to create the diamond. This energy comes largely from fossil fuels and non-renewable sources. In fact, one polished carat of lab-grown diamond releases up to 511 kg of greenhouse gases, three times more than the same carat of mined diamond. This is far greater than the 48 metric tons of greenhouse gases that a typical US household releases each year.

Creates its diamonds

The mining industry is increasingly aware of the environmental impact of its production and marketing. While most lab-grown diamonds dress for success  use fossil-based feedstocks, one company РAether Рis the only diamond grower that creates its diamonds using atmospheric CO2. The company has also committed to remove 20 tons of carbon from the atmosphere for each carat of diamond it produces. Additionally, the company has earned B Corp certification.

The environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds is less than the impact of mined diamonds, but the manufacturing process is still not completely eco-friendly. Diamonds produced in labs are much cheaper than mined stones and do not cause the same disruption to nature and human life. This means that consumers can save a ton of money while still receiving the same quality and clarity.

Cost of lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment. They have the same chemical and physical qualities as a natural diamond, but are cheaper to produce and purchase. However, they are still rare and desirable, and have a significant market value. If you’re considering buying a diamond for a special occasion, a lab-grown diamond may be a better choice.

There are a variety of companies that sell lab-grown diamonds in the UK. One of them is Clean Origin. This jewellery store handpicks every diamond on its website. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within a hundred days. The company also offers a free 30-day return policy.

Natural diamond

The most common way to make a lab-grown diamond is to take a sliver of a diamond, which is known as a seed. This seed is added to a carbon-rich solution, which has the same properties as a natural diamond. During the growth process, the carbon-rich solution bonds with the seed diamond. This process creates a rough diamond that undergoes the same cutting and polishing process as a natural diamond.

The cost of lab-grown diamonds is often lower than natural diamonds, but the diamonds are just as sparkly. Besides being cheaper, lab-grown diamonds are also environmentally friendly. As a bonus, they don’t require any diamond mining, which is a bonus when you consider the value of the stone.

Availability of lab-grown diamonds 

When it comes to diamonds, you’ve probably heard about lab-grown diamonds. These man-made stones are created from the carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds and then grown using advanced technology. While natural diamonds take millions of years to grow, lab-grown diamonds are formed in a matter of months. Scientists use high pressure and high temperatures to create a diamond’s structure. When they are ready, these diamonds are nearly identical to natural diamonds. They can only be distinguished by using specialized equipment and techniques to determine the differences between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond.

If you’re looking to buy lab grown diamonds UK there are a few places to look. First of all, there are the shops that specialize in selling these diamonds. Some of these boutiques sell their products directly from the manufacturers. If you’re looking for jewellery, you can visit the websites of Brilliant Earth and Clean Origin. These stores will allow you to inspect the diamonds under magnification.


Another thing to consider when looking for a diamond is the price. If you’re looking for a diamond at a reasonable price, lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative to mined diamonds. They are more affordable and offer a wide range of options – especially compared to natural diamonds.

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