Here is Why It Is Important to Track Your Kid’s Digital Device

Did you ever think of tracking your kid’s smartphone? Have you ever wished to monitor your kid’s computer usage? Do you wonder what your kid is doing on social media apps? Do you want to know what sort of content they are viewing on the internet? These are a few important questions that concern parents these days.

Parents find a hard time grappling with the issue of kids spending too much time on their digital devices. With so many social media and instant messaging apps these days, kids are spending a large chunk of their time in front of their screens, thus neglecting their studies and extracurricular activities.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your kids on the internet and social media. Since it is practically not possible to stop your kids from using digital devices altogether, you can ask them to reduce their screen time or install some sort of monitoring app or parental control app on their devices.

It may not be possible for you to supervise them all the time as you cannot be around them. For that, you need a monitoring solution that lets you spy on your kid’s internet and smartphone activity remotely.

To stay updated on your kid’s online and smartphone activity and to protect them from harmful online threats, you need to consider having an open and honest discussion with them about those threats along with installing the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone on their mobile devices.

There are some legit and important reasons why every parent should track their kid’s online and smartphone activity. Below, we have discussed those reasons in detail. Let us understand why it is important for parents to monitor their kid’s digital devices and internet activity.


Cyberbullying is one of the strongest reasons why every parent should consider tracking their kid’s smartphone and internet activity. Kids are often too scared or embarrassed to admit to their parents and school teachers that they are being cyberbullied.

In other situations, the kid is the cyberbully who targets and cyberbullies innocent kids on the internet. With the help of monitoring tools, parents can stay informed about their kid’s smartphone and internet activities and know if they are bullying or getting bullied on the internet.

Online Predators

Online predating is another reason why parents should monitor their kids’ digital devices. Almost all social media platforms are laden with online predators who are always looking for innocent and gullible kids.

Kids with special needs and kids with thinking and learning disabilities are more likely to become a target for online predators as they may not be able to understand the real intentions of the people they meet online. Online predators can lure kids by praising them and engaging them with sweet talks only to threaten them later.

The best way to protect your kids from the dangerous web of online predators is to monitor their text messages, emails, and instant chats and see if they have been receiving any messages from strangers.


Often kids and teens communicate with their friends and even strangers on social media platforms without applying any privacy settings and filters on their accounts. They overshare on the internet; sometimes, they also post private photos and videos on social media. Even if they decide to take them down later, they cannot expect content to be deleted forever from the internet as it may stay there forever.

It is important to educate your kids about the dangers of oversharing on social media and how people can get access to their personal information and use the same data against them. Also, when you install a monitoring app on your kid’s phone, you can find out what your kid is doing online. You can know what sort of posts they share, what photos and videos they share with others, and what sort of messages they exchange with others through instant chat messengers.


Sexting is one of the most common internet dangers for kids and teens. With the extreme usage of messaging apps, sexting has become quite prevalent among kids and teens these days. As soon as kids hit puberty, their hormones start changing and they begin to experience feelings of attraction and love towards the opposite gender.

They find it a lot easier to communicate with the other person on the internet. Soon, what begins as a friendship turns into an online relationship for kids, causing them to exchange messages, photos, and videos of sexual nature with another person. This is what sexting is all about where kids exchange explicit messages with the other person while being in a relationship with them.

Things become worse when that relationship comes to an end and the other party still has access to that intimate content of your kid. The other party may try to threaten your kid after the relationship goes south and attempt to leak their private content.

Before such a thing happens, it is important to intervene at the right time and supervise what kids are doing on the internet. Parents can prevent their kids from sexting with someone online by viewing and monitoring their communication.

Adult Content

The internet is a vast sea of information and it has all sorts of content—some of it is adult and inappropriate as well. Unknowingly, while exploring the web browser, kids may stumble upon websites that feature pornographic content.

Kids who become exposed to adult content at a young age are likely to become addicted to it. To protect your kids from becoming addicted to porn and adult content, it is important to monitor all the sites and apps they are using. If you find your kid spending time on such a site or app, you can block and filter it right away and keep your kids away from it.

You must understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what your kid is doing on digital devices. Every parent should ensure their kids are safe on the internet and social media and for that purpose, they can use monitoring apps to help their kids feel safe and secure.

For instance, you can use the best spy app for Android without access to target phone and monitor your kid’s internet and smartphone activity remotely from anywhere and at any time. That way you can stay informed of your kid’s online activity and keep them safe from the harmful internet perils.

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