Hottest new casino technologies in 2022

Modern technology has paved the way for more authentic and immersive online gambling experiences. These next generation innovations are bridging the gap between land based casinos and online casinos. Casino gamblers can now have it all at the comfort of their homes.

On the business side, technology is helping online casinos stay on trend and up to date with advancements that are good for their businesses. In this guide, we discuss the latest technologies that are revolutionizing online gambling.

Instant Payment Methods

Online bank transfer methods have become a game changer in how players fund their casino accounts.

Major players in this sector such as Brite and Trustly, provide players with easier ways of making payments directly from their banks.

Especially Finnish online casinos have taken advantage of these fast payment methods. Trustly and Brite casinos (Brite kasinot in Finnish) are massively popular among Finnish players who are used to using their online bank IDs in government services as well.

Making payments is uncomplicated once you have chosen Trustly as your preferred method. Next choose your bank, make payment, and verify the account.

These methods wrap up simplicity as players don’t go through lengthy sign-ups, speed, and security.

There are over 6,000 banks connected to Trustly and Brite. Therefore, it’s unlikely to miss out on your preferred bank.

Crypto Gambling

Cryptocurrencies are thriving in the gambling industry. More players are choosing to fund and withdraw their funds in cryptocurrencies.

Some common digital currencies used in most mobile casino online include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Why is crypto gambling gaining traction?

For starters, digital currencies offer security through blockchain technology and the fact that they are decentralized. Secondly, players don’t have to divulge their personal information, therefore, maintaining player anonymity. Lastly, crypto offers a more profitable future plus very low fees.

However, there are several legalities that come with crypto betting. Only a few countries have adopted cryptocurrencies as their official currency. Formalization of cryptos could bring problems to the economy and households due to its volatility. Households could lose money when prices are bouncing, the money could be cyber-attackted and crypto mining would be harmful for the environment (IMFBlog, 2021.)

Complex technology behind live casinos

There is no doubt that cutting edge livestreaming technology is what makes all the difference with live dealer casino games. These technologies make gaming more authentic.

For instance, the use of Optical Character Recognition helps in tracking the symbols on cards, numbers on a roulette wheel and so forth.

Moreover, the use of multiple camera setups gives different angles of the table and clarity. For real time delivery of the live stream, developers use sophisticated game control units that deliver the live stream in clarity.

Also, live casinos have introduced two way interaction, so that players and dealers can communicate. This is mostly through a chat box.

Cloud computing

The online experience for most players has greatly improved with cloud computing.

Firstly, this technology not only increases the privacy of data but also helps to control information sharing. In addition, players get to experience more secure and instant transactions when funding their casino accounts.

Secondly, cloud computing enables players to play their games on multiple devices. With the rise in mobile gaming, more developers are striving to have their casinos optimized for mobile gaming.

When the casino is optimized for mobile, deposits should also be faster than they would be using traditional payment methods like credit cards and online wallets. Finnish mobile payment innovation SIRU Mobile allows players to deposit through their phones. SIRU is only one example of the variety of mobile payment methods every mobiilimaksu casino (mobile payment casino) offers.

Lastly, live casino features have improved greatly as players no longer need to download any software to access the games.

Artificial Intelligence

This technological innovation has had major impacts in most sectors including the online gaming world. The technology now helps deliver the best experience to casino players.

With artificial intelligence, players can now experience a more customized experience through meaningful game recommendations. This is done after the collection and analysis of data. Analytical information includes the players most visited sites, the game searches, and wagering patterns.

Also, it helps in identifying gambler’s patterns and thus helping to identify any problem gambling. Apart from this, players now have guaranteed security on these sites. With advanced AI programs, private and financial data will be well protected.

Virtual Reality Technology

This innovation is becoming the ultimate real deal in online casino gaming. The ability to replicate the land based experience is certainly going to change gaming.

With a VR headset and a compatible igaming platform, players can have the most immersive gaming experience. This technology can allow players to actually get to throw chips on a blackjack table, spin the slot reels and see other players.

Although not in full swing, the popularity that is set to come with these casinos will push more developers to keep up or ship out.


The competition in online casinos is what keeps pushing developers to be innovative. These technological advancements are here to rescue players who lack the thrill they experience in land based casinos online. With these advancements, player experience online will only get better as developers seek to make it interactive, secure and personal. Sooner players will have no reason to leave their homes. Online casinos will cater for a great and personalized gaming experience and the social aspect of land based casinos. Additionally, these innovations will continue to help casino businesses remain relevant and competitive.

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