How is Cristiano Ronaldo Still So Good?

The question is, how is Cristiano Ronaldo still so good? It took the Portuguese superstar nearly two years to score his 100th goal, but in the last six months, he has become a better goal scorer. In the same period, he went from scoring four goals per game to scoring five goals per game. And in the same season, he scored more than 30 goals in a game.

The answer to how many goals Ronaldo has scored in one season will be known

The answer may lie in the number of goals Ronaldo has scored in a season. Since joining Real Madrid in 2009, he has averaged 47 goals in 55 games across all competitions. The average season for Ronaldo is 5.5 goals per game, which is lower than any other player in history. His xG is higher than his career-average of 5.6, but he has fewer shots per 90 minutes than he has in the past.

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The first time that Ronaldo scored in a match, he was just 16. But the second time he hit a post, he converted a penalty. It was the 142nd penalty kick he has converted in his career. This statistic might sound impressive, but there is a footballing adage that all goals count the same, and Ronaldo has proved that. In fact, Ronaldo has scored more than 80 goals for Juventus than any other player in history.

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