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How should I prepare for a face lift?

Nowadays, taking care of yourself can be called an important thing by many people… Start choosing to pay more attention and take care of yourself. To want to increase and restore youthfulness to the face naturally. One of the methods that is popular today is Facelift with endoscopic pinning technique Because it can fix the problem on the spot, some people may have a face problem, look fierce, eyebrows close, face twitching or people whose age is starting to enter the number 3+, which many people may still have concerns about how the pinned endoscopic face is pulled. and how to prepare before surgery Today we have information to leave each other.

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Facelift with endoscopic pinning technique

An endoscopic endotine brow lift is a laparoscopic technique and uses a special type of medical pin to hold the muscle layers to lift the eyebrows and forehead. Using this technique will help pull the muscles in more areas than the traditional silk face lift. and helps to raise eyebrows more than 5 mm without surgical scars on the face. You can be assured that there will be absolutely no scars on your face. Moreover, the results are natural and last longer than 5-7 years and in some people the results can last up to 10 years depending on the individual’s physical condition. Laparoscopic face lifting techniques can fix problems such as ptosis directly on the spot. No residue left in the body Because the special type of pins used can be biodegradable as well.

Preparation before Laparoscopic Face Lift Surgery

– report a chronic disease history of drug allergy medications you take on a regular basis By sharing your personal history of medication use, your doctor can make a more effective treatment plan.

– Refrain from taking medicines or vitamins that you take regularly for at least 1 week, as some drugs can slow down the bleeding. It can be dangerous during surgery.

– Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for at least 1 week, as alcohol and smoking can delay the healing of surgical wounds and increase the risk of infection.

– Refrain from taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Aspirin and ibuprofen have a stimulating effect on the circulatory system. This can slow blood clotting and can be dangerous.

– Refrain from applying make-up and applying nail polish before the surgery. for safety and to reduce the risk of infection

– Abstain from food and water before surgery. It will depend on the surgery because usually the laparoscopic face lift requires general anesthesia, so it is necessary to abstain from food and water for at least 6-8 hours to prevent unconscious aspiration.

Who is hesitant about plastic surgery? or are deciding to choose a surgical clinic If you are worried about the problem of doing it or are looking for a way to prepare before the laparoscopic facelift surgery, you don’t have to sit with your temples together anymore. Because of the endoscopic facelift technology and a team of specialist doctors who are ready to help you change. to look younger again

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