How To Deal With The Complexity of Truck Accidents Case

According to truck accidents statistics, it has been reported that every year in the US, truck accidents cause more than 130,000 crashes that lead to approximately 4 to 5 thousand deaths each year. 

Truck accidents are more traumatic and problematic as compared to car accidents. The victim undergoes severe injuries as the large truck is 30 to 40 times heavier than the car. You can imagine the devastating result if the truck collides with the car and damages it completely or sometimes the heavy cargo comes out of the truck and drops over the cars which are travelling behind the truck. In either case, the victim suffers badly, they go through sudden shocks, psychological traumas and physical injuries that often lead to death. The victims go through huge medical expenses and suffer out of lost wages. And sometimes the whole of the family gets affected resulting in death due to the negligence of truck drivers. 

Though truck accidents are complicated to handle all alone as it involves many parties liable like the owner who employed the truck driver or the proprietor of cargo who forced the truck driver to deliver the cargo at the exact time. To deal with this complexity, you should better hire a Truck Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach as they expertly handle these complex cases.

Truck Accidents Involve More Parties 

Several parties are involved in managing a single truck. Therefore, determining who is responsible for the accident makes it difficult.

 Responsible parties include 

  • Truck owners who don’t give proper maintenance to their trucks
  • Trucking companies
  • Employers of truck drivers, some of the employers are not experienced to drive on highways
  • Truck mechanics or maintenance companies can also be at fault due to failure in repairing the truck properly
  • Manufacturer of truck parts
  • The driver was feeling drowsy
  • Sometimes the people who load the cargo in the truck can be responsible if they loaded the cargo incorrectly or it was overloaded

The truck accident happens so unexpectedly that it becomes complicated to understand why the accident happened and who is liable for the casualty. Well, Truck Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach helps you better investigate the liable party. 

Investigation of Truck Accidents Is More Complex

Due to the heavy differences in automobiles, truck accident cases need more time compared to car accidents.  Furthermore, the truck accidents involve many parties liable for the investigation. Few more things that need to be investigated for the authenticity of the claim are GPS data, the policies of trucking companies, extensive records, the history of truck drivers and training guides. All these things make the truck accident case more complex and only a lawyer can help to figure out this complexity. 

More Federal And State Regulations Applied To Truck Drivers

While compared with cars the truck drivers are prone to more rules and regulations from federal and state law.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has imposed essential safety rules that are a must for truck drivers to follow. Like

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  • Truck drivers can’t drive continuously for more than 11 hours
  • A break is a must to take after 8 hours of continuous driving
  • A truck driver can only work for a maximum of 70 hours and 34 hours off from duty every week. 

What Injuries Can Drivers And Passengers Get in Truck Accidents?

No doubt passengers and car drivers get highly affected due to the negligence of truck drivers. They go through several injuries including

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractures in the the the skull or spine
  • Brain injury
  • Third-degree  burns
  • Internal bleeding 
  • Paralysis
  • Other injuries on the body
  • Stab wounds

How Can A Lawyer Help You?

After the truck accident, the lawyer’s help plays a great role as your lawyer will help you to prove your claim against the offenders. He will investigate 

  • How the accident happened, 
  • Where the driver made a mistake
  • The lawyer will investigate the actual cause of the accident
  • Maybe it was the driver’s mistake. Either he was drunk, feeling sleepy or something distracted him
  • The truck was not maintained properly means it was the owner’s mistake

Your lawyer will collect the evidence, file a lawsuit in court and fight to get the fair compensation that you deserve. 

Final Words

No doubt truck accidents take time to examine who was responsible for the accident. If the truck accident was not your fault then it’s your right to seek compensation from the liable parties. Many parties are accountable along with the truck drivers but they hardly take the responsibility for accidents. Well, you need not worry and lose hope, what you should do is immediately take the help of Truck Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach. Your lawyer will sincerely help you to get compensation for all the losses you have faced and will make the wrongdoers accountable for their negligence. 

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