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How to make money in Forex trading without taking risks

Everyone wants to become rich with the least amount of effort. Forex trading is emerging as a promising platform to make money quickly and easily for youngsters. However, most people approach it like gambling and lose money. This article will talk about some strategies that will ensure that you make money without taking significant risks.

Forex strategies

Here are some low-risk strategies you should try if you are a new beginner.

1. Forex scalping

Forex scalping is a popular trading strategy focused on smaller market movements. This strategy involves opening many transactions to bring small profits to each. As a result, Scalper works to win more prominent by making many small wins. This approach is the opposite of holding a position for hours, days, or even weeks. Scalping is very popular in Forex because of its liquidity and volatility. Investors look for markets with constantly moving price behavior to take advantage of small incremental fluctuations.

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This type of trader focuses on profits of about five pips per trade. However, the gains are constant, stable, and easy to create, so we expect many successful transactions. The apparent drawback of scalping is that you can’t afford to stay long in a transaction. In addition, scalping requires a lot of time and attention as the charts need to be constantly analyzed to find new trading opportunities.

2. Day Trading

Day trading refers to the process of trading currencies on a single trading day. Although applicable to all markets, day trading strategies are primarily used in forex trading. We recommend starting and closing all trades within one day with this trading approach. Visit here liangzhongmiye online best website.

To minimize potential risk, do not leave your position open overnight. Unlike scalpers who want to stay on the market for only a few minutes, day traders are usually active all day to monitor and manage open trades. Day traders primarily use 30-minute and 1-hour timeframes to generate trading ideas. Many day traders tend to develop trading strategies based on the news. Scheduled events such as economic statistics, interest rates, GDP, and elections substantially impact the market.

 In addition to the limits set for each position, day traders tend to set daily risk limits. A joint decision among traders is to develop a three-year risk limit. This protects your account and capital.

3. Position Trading

Position trading is a long-term strategy. Unlike scalping and day trading, this trading strategy focuses primarily on the primary factors.

 This strategy does not consider small market volatility as it does not affect broader market conditions.

 Position traders may monitor central bank monetary policy, political conditions, and other fundamental factors to find cyclical trends. Successful position traders can only open a few trades throughout the year. However, the profit target for these transactions can be at least hundreds of pips per transaction.

 This trading strategy is reserved for more patient traders as it can take weeks, months, or even years to execute your position. You can see the dollar index (DXY) reversing the direction of the trend in the weekly chart below.


There are several Forex trading strategies that a beginner can try. However, we can’t say that one system is essentially better than the other. Hence, you should see which method works best for you. Take a look at this article if you are looking for a low deposit broker, hotforex minimum deposit in zar.


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