I Tried One Of The Biggest Australian Sunscreen Brands

About three months or so ago, I had the worst sunburn of my life due to the fact that I just didn’t afford the sun enough respect. Even while my shoulders were throbbing during the evening, I vowed never to let this happen to me again – particularly as I’d recently found out that sunburn was linked to skin cancer. My search led to me to one of the biggest Australian Sunscreen Brands – Blue Lizard. 

After having seen a few advertisements online, I took the time to read up and see what others were saying about the products they offer. Well, it wasn’t long until I realised that this was a serious company that operates on the global stage – so I pretty much knew that I’d made a good choice. 

One of the Most Popular Australian Sunscreen Brands

It took me just under an hour to read everything I could online about Blue Lizard, and one of the first things that hit me was that this is the #1 paediatrician-recommended product – which was music to my ears, as I’m a father of 5! Of course, I was looking for me, but I knew that the subject also related to my kids and their skin too. 

Featuring a range of products from SPF 15 to SPF 50, the Blue Lizard website was easy to use, and I quickly found the right product for me and my kids – a sensitive skin option with water resistance. I also needed a broad-spectrum product, which all of theirs are. 

A Neat Little Bottle Cap Feature

One reason why I quickly became enamoured with this vendor out of all the Australian sunscreen brands out there is because of the deep thought that seems to have gone into their products. One example of what I mean can be seen in their clever bottle cap that changes color when exposed to light.

Now, some people might find this a bit gimmick, but it’s actually really useful. I can never quite work out when to wear the stuff and when not to, and this cap tells me straight away that I need to put some on. Plus, it’s a fun feature that my kids loved. 

It Worked Like a Dream For My Whole Family

What I have to say above everything else is that Blue Lizard is obviously one of the most popular Australian sunscreen brands for a reason – as their products rock! They’re very, very gentle on the skin – meaning I don’t even get spots when I wear it – and they work immediately.

One of the worst parts about going out in spicecinemas the sun is the worry of sun damage, and this stuff worked like a dream. We went to the beach for like 9 hours during the height of the summer, and everyone came home happy, healthy and totally unburned. 

I’ll leave you with a nugget of information I also picked up when researching Blue Lizard is that their products are reef-friendly. Chemical brands are systematically killing coral reefs, turning them white and lifeless, so I’d encourage everyone to switch to mineral brands – even if it’s just for that reason. 

However, I know that anyone switching will be happy, as I’ve not had a single problem. Sure, you have to get used to how to apply mineral sunscreen, but once you’ve done that, it’s all great! Give it just a week or two, and I’m sure – like me – you’ll never switch back to chemical brands again. 

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