Is Baby’s Only Organic Formula Safe For Infants?

You can also look for a product that is certified organic, and this will likely have at least 70 percent of its ingredients coming from certified organic sources. These products are also produced without the use of any prohibited farming practices. While you may not see a USDA organic seal on these formulas, you’ll likely see that they are certified by a USDA-accredited certifier. The cost of an organic formula may be higher than one made of other types, but these products are safe for infants.


HiPP is a German formula made from organic skimmed milk. Though most stages of HiPP contain starch, there are two starch-free varieties. HiPP German also contains prebiotic fiber from organic lactose, called galactooli go saccharides. These fibers promote a healthy intestinal flora. The formula also contains lactobacillus fermentum heredity, a naturally occurring probiotic lactic acid culture that is extracted from breast milk.

HiPP is committed to providing infants with the highest quality Organic’s Best products. Organic formulas contain no synthetic chemicals, antacids, or antibiotics. The HiPP seal guarantees 100% pesticide-free products. Hipp formulas are staged according to age and the nutritional complexity of breast milk. During certain periods of development, a baby’s needs for vitamins and minerals increase, while energy requirements decrease.

Nature’s One

A pediatrician in California who specializes in pediatrics, Steven Abelowitz, says that while there are theoretical benefits of organic formula, there are no scientific studies that show a clear long-term health benefit. He considers the difference between organic formula and conventionally produced formula to be “quite small.”

The whey-to-casein ratio in organic baby formula is close to that of breast milk, which has a lower calorie content than commercially produced baby formulas. In addition, it is made from vegetable oils instead of corn syrup solids and has no added sugar or starch. It is also a non-GMO formula that does not contain maltodextrin. This makes it safe for infants to drink.

The whey-to-casein ratio of this infant formula is an ideal 75:25 ratio. It also contains lactic acid bacteria cultures, which reduce colic and irritability. It is also free of corn syrup and is made without genetically modified ingredients. Parents rave about the taste and the formula’s quality. It is also free of corn syrup, GMOs, and preservatives.

Since 1997, Nature’s One has been a leader in organic pediatric nutrition. In fact, the company has committed a significant amount of resources to the research and development of its organic products. The company has received recognition from the Clean Label Project for the safety and quality of its infant formulas. Other products made by Nature’s One include Baby’s Only(r) Formula and PediaSmart(r) Complete Organic Nutritional Beverage. The company also offers PediaVance Electrolyte Solution and Mom’s Only(TM) Prenatal Support Nutritional Shake.

Gerber Natura

While it is not clear if Gerber Natura baby’s Only Organic is safe for infants, it does contain a number of ingredients that are proven to be safe for newborns. These include organic brown rice syrup, nonfat milk++, linoleic sunflower oil, egg lecithin, and vanilla. This formula also contains potassium citrate, calcium ascorbate, and natural mixed tocopherols.

The manufacturer claims that the product is safe for infants and toddlers. It contains a minimum of three percent organic ingredients. While organic baby formulas are often more expensive, they’re worth it. Moreover, many other infant formulas have higher levels of aluminum than the recommended level. The manufacturer has found a way to keep infants safe from aluminum by reducing the amount of this additive in their formula. The ingredients in this formula include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They also contain inositol, a substance that helps regulate moods and reduces respiratory distress syndrome .

The highest whey-to-casein ratio found in an organic formula is found in this product. Moreover, the formula contains both full-sized and partially hydrolyzed proteins. These proteins may irritate your baby if he or she needs fully hydrolyzed formula. It contains no artificial growth hormones or prebiotics. Aside from being safe for infants, this product is also packaged in an airtight container.


HiPP is a good choice if you are unsure about the safety of cow’s milk-based formula. Its base is organic skimmed goat milk, which naturally contains A2 milk proteins, which are easier to digest by infants. HiPP also contains galactooli go saccharides, which promote healthy intestinal flora growth. Unlike cow’s milk, this formula is suitable for babies with sensitive tummies.

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