New Jersey wrongful termination: Call a lawyer

For the unversed, New Jersey is an at-will employment state. In other words, it means that your employer can chose to fire you anytime and at will without giving notice. You may feel that the action was unfair, but the chances are high that your employer hasn’t violated any of the federal or state laws in doing so. However, there are exceptions. If you were terminated from your job because you belong to a protected class or engaged in protected conduct, you might have a valid case. In such situations, you need to seek legal advice from an expert specializing in employment law. Here is an overview 

Understanding protected classes

There are several state and federal laws that protect certain groups of people, and examples of such acts include the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). As per these acts, employers cannot act in a discriminatory manner against someone because of their age, gender, religion, origin, race, disability, and sexual orientation. 

The need for a wrongful termination attorney

The circumstances surrounding your termination can be hard to understand. You need an experienced wrongful termination lawyer on your side to know whether your employer has taken steps against the law. If they have, you could have reasonable grounds against your employer. In that context, people also suffer employer retaliation when engaged in protected conduct. For instance, if you were fired because you filed a complaint stating discrimination at work or were asked to leave because you were involved in whistleblowing activity, you may have a case. 

Finding the right lawyer

Not all employment lawyers are the same, and you need someone who has worked explicitly on wrongful termination cases. You need to know whether the lawyer is experienced and whether they work exclusively for employees. A law firm that represents the interest of employees is always a better choice because there is unlikely to be a conflict of interest. Remember that wrongful termination lawsuits are inherently complex, and without a competent legal team that can stand up against your employer’s lawyers, you may not have great scope. 

Finally, being honest with your attorney is always a wise idea. They will ask for numerous details and records, which you must provide, including relevant evidence. A proficient employment lawyer will ensure you are not denied justice. You can check websites like Nolo and Avvo to find top lawyers. 

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