Swarovski Bridal Jewelry

If you’re planning a simple, romantic wedding, a Swarovski bridal necklace can be just the ticket. These gorgeous pieces are both affordable and stylish, and a Swarovski necklace can be a beautiful, timeless addition to any bride’s wardrobe. To keep your crystal jewelry looking beautiful, clean it regularly. Use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe it clean, and wear cotton gloves while you do it. Rinse your jewelry in lukewarm water and air dry.

One of the most popular pieces

The teardrop pendant is one of the most popular pieces from Swarovski’s bridal jewelry line. This piece is made with a 10mm Swarovski crystal, and is set with a round 4mm crystal. A silver-plated chain with intricate embellishments features sixmm and fourmm crystals separated by four and sixmm spacer beads. The teardrop pendant is attached to two sections of the chain, and the pendant is suspended from these two.


The perfect Swarovski bridal jewelry piece is one that has a teardrop shape. This beautiful teardrop pendant is topped with a silver-plated rondelle spacer bead. The round crystals are framed by six 4mm crystals. The two-section necklace has elaborate embellishments, with a focal point at the end. The necklace has an open design, so you can wear it with a variety of wedding outfits.
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