Testing NordVPN and Bitdefender VPN Premium: Which VPN won?

Which VPN offers more features, NordVPN, or subscribe Bitdefender VPN Premium? We carefully compared the parameters of both VPNs, they counted points, and the score is 9,0/10 to 6.1/10.

Connection speed NordVPN : Bitdefender VPN Premium, who won?

Connection speed is one of the most important parameters VPNs, and this also applies to NordVPN and Bitdefender VPN Premium.

On average, we measured the speed of the first VPN 183 Mb/s, the second VPN reached an average value of 132 Mb/s. NordVPN showed up around 51 Mb/s faster compared to Bitdefender VPN Premium.

The upload speed is indicated by the upload, for NordVPN reached 103 Mb/s. Bitdefender VPN Premium on average reached 98 Mb/s. So it is 5 Mb/s slower.

The last speed parameter was the response time, for the first VPN we measured 11 ms. Time response of Bitdefender VPN Premium , script measured average of 13 ms. Since the lower the response rate is, the better, so NordVPN turned out to be 2 ms better.

Score after first discipline NordVPN against Bitdefender VPN Premium so far, it is 7/10 – 7/10.

Can NordVPN avoid Netflix geolocation?

High connection speed is an important parameter for unblocking Netflix, NordVPN this skill can. You can usually just turn on the VPN and select a country, Bitdefender VPN Premium foreign language Netflix unlock has.

Thanks to VPN you can also unblock YouTube videos which are hidden in your country, whereby Bitdefender VPN Premium this skill handles. The second of the compared VPN function of unblocking handles.

When choosing a VPN, we also recommend focusing on DNS leak protection, multi-hop connection support, and  tracker blocking. For instance NordVPN includes protection from disclosure of DNS and Bitdefender VPN Premium e. g. provides white-list.

In the discipline “function” the score is 9/10 vs. 10/10.

Beat the competition NordVPN in the range of country offerings?

Too few servers can be a preview of low speed, NordVPN has under wing 5 400  servers, in the app Bitdefender VPN Premium is stated 1 300  servers. So, the first compared VPN offers about 4100 more .

A similar parameter is the number of countries, which for Bitdefender VPN Premium was 51. The contrasted VPN offers  59, so about 8 more. So, in this measurement of forces wins.

Always check the number of simultaneously connectable devices, which NordVPN proves 6. Bitdefender VPN Premium can simultaneously connect 10 devices. An overview of all parameters can be found in the article best VPN.

Which platforms handles NordVPN and which handles Bitdefender VPN Premium?

Supported devices are among the most important parameters when choosing a VPN, NordVPN can Android devices and connects iOS phones, second VPN service Bitdefender VPN Premium iPhone will secure, Android facilities can by default secure.

Disclosure of VPN user information is governed by the laws of the country where the company is registered. NordVPN originates in Panama. The headquarters of the second compared VPN is in Romania.

App NordVPN is not accessible in other languages Bitdefender VPN Premium to other languages can`t.

In the platform evaluation achieved NordVPN result 10/10 and Bitdefender VPN Premium received an evaluation 10/10.

Compare prices of NordVPN vs. Bitdefender VPN Premium

Bitdefender VPN Premium can be just for $4.38 monthly, the second VPN you can get just for $2.94 monthly. The final rating of the VPN for the ratio of price to available features is 9from 10, or rather 2/10 for second VPN.

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