The Correct Way to Use Overnight Spot Patches On Pimples

When you apply overnight spot patches on your pimples, they offer lots of protection that allows them to heal whilst also drawing out the gunk inside. If you want to get the kind of results claimed on the packaging, however, they need to be used in the right way and on the right types of spots. That’s something we cover here. 

As well as helping to stop you from picking your zits, you’re spared from the unsightly scarring that uncontrolled acne leaves behind. So, come with us now as we explore the correct procedure for applying those lovely, soothing pimple patches.

Step 1 – Overnight Spot Patches Need a Clean Area

The first thing you need to do when applying overnight spot patches is ensure that both your hands and the application are clean and dry. This allows the patches to adhere to the skin – an essential part of how they work. These patches seal the spot, too, so you don’t want dirt and bacteria to be trapped inside. 

Step 2 – Choosing the Right Sized of Patch

Zits come in different shapes and sizes, meaning that so do pimple patches. In an average pack, you’ll find a selection of sizes, so your next job is to choose the right one. It just needs to be big enough to cover the spot in question but not too big. 

Step 3 – Applying the Patch

Next, you’re going to actually apply the patch. It needs to be nice and central, with the adhesive part positioned directly over clean, dry skin. This will allow the hydrocolloid gel inside to lock onto the spot and start drawing out the pus, bacteria and dead skin cells. 

Step 4 – Go to Sleep Or Get On With Your Day

Now it’s time to let your patches do their work. If you’re off to bed, just put on a T-shirt and get some rest. If you’re off to work, don’t worry too much, as the patches are mostly see-through until they’ve started to draw stuff out. Also, try not to scratch at any of the patches, or you might pull them off. 

Step 5 – Removing the Patches

The reason they’re called overnight patches is because they’re mostly designed to be worn overnight i.e. when you hit the hay. However, not everyone leads the same kind of routine in their lives, so if you’re using yours during the day, you should leave them on for around 6 hours. 

It will be fairly easy to spot (no pun intended) when it’s time to take them off, as they’ll usually be full of white gunk that’s been drawn out. 

Step 6 – Clean & Repeat

After finishing up, you will need to clear the area again, ensuring that nothing is left behind. Then, it’s a case of repeating the process whenever a new spot breaks through the skin. Don’t try and use them on spots well beneath the skin, as otherwise, not much will happen.

Use Overnight Spot Patches Right & You’ll Have No Problem

As we’ve seen, cleanliness is a vital part of the process, as bacteria, dirt and oil need to be completely removed from the situation. If you don’t do that, you’re simply spending money on a product that you’re not giving a chance. You might get results, but it will be more luck than judgement. 

Also, remember that spot patches aren’t enough to control acne on their own and must be backed up by benzoyl peroxide treatment if you want your zits to go away ong-term. Follow the six steps listed above, and the heralded benefits spot patches offer will be yours. You know it makes sense, so use them right and enjoy great results. 

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