Things to do after a dog bite

Dog bites are quite common, but it’s important to understand what to do in the moments following one to avoid more damage. Also, contact Khan Injury Law and speak to an attorney after you get bitten. If a dog or other wild animal kept by a person attacked you, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the animal’s owner. You may need this money to cover your medical expenses, make up for lost wages, cover future cosmetic surgery costs, and alleviate the pain and suffering associated with your injuries. An attorney can help you with this all. After a dog bite, you must take the following important actions: 

Things to do after a dog bite are:

Be calm

Keep your composure if you or somebody else has been bitten. It is crucial that you avoid becoming angry, shouting, or raising your voice since doing so can prompt the dog to attack again. Resist placing blame or becoming defensive and restrict the dog to a kennel or some other room. Panicking at such a situation can make things worse, instead, try to control your anxieties. 

Get medical attention and take pictures

Dogs may shred your skin with their tiny teeth and can also grasp and squeeze your tissue with their front teeth. The illness that may develop as a result of these bites is indeed the main worry. As soon as the bite occurs, gently squeeze the site to encourage bleeding, which will help drain out as many bacteria as possible.

Take photographs of the wounds so that you have proof in case you need to take legal action. Clean the wound using a lukewarm, cleaning solution, and use a clean towel to stop the bleeding. Apply antibiotic lotion, then bandage the area with sterile tape. No matter how small the bite, a slight injury can quickly turn serious, therefore contact a medical specialist for the bite victim. Your doctor will clean the area once again, apply an antibiotic cream, and prescribe medications. 


You do not need to demonstrate that the dog owner was at fault to recover damages when you or a dear one has been bitten by a dog. You can still be eligible for compensation if the dog that bit you escaped accidentally without the individual’s consent. However, the legal procedure can be a bit difficult for you to handle, so you must not hesitate in getting in touch with a personal injury attorney. 

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