Three Important Reasons You Need to Hire an Attorney When Facing a Domestic Abuse Accusation

Physical abuse can happen between intimate partners. But not all domestic violence charges filed are true. Some individuals face domestic violence accusations without justification or cause. For these people, an attorney from Lento Law Firm can give them legal protection against their abuser. 

If you have been accused of domestic abuse in your home, you should not handle the issue by yourself. Speaking with the police, completing paperwork, and doing other important things are overwhelming. Apart from the stress, making mistakes in the process can lead to additional penalties, longer term, or a more severe crime on your record. An attorney can make a difference in your domestic abuse charges, trial, and outcomes. Read on to know why you need a lawyer on your side:

You Need Court Representation

Domestic violence attorneys are experts who have enough experience in domestic violence cases. They deeply understand the judicial system, which will help you navigate your case. Your allegedly abused spouse will have a team of attorneys, so you want to level the playing field by having your own legal representative who can present your arguments effectively before a judge or jury.

Build a Strong Defense

Even if you know that you are not guilty of the domestic abuse accusation, you may not be able to effectively defend yourself. You need to have experience in court rules and procedures. An attorney will help collect important evidence through the discovery process. This evidence includes police reports and witness statements. These pieces of information will help form your defense strategy. Additional information such as 911 emergency calls, bodycam footage, and video surveillance may be accessible. Your attorney can file an immediate motion in court to preserve this information. 

Police reports can have exaggerated information, false information, and errors. Sometimes, attorneys will hire private investigators to get witness statements. 

Improve Circumstances for Your Kids

An Emergency Protective Order will affect your ability to visit or see your children. Without a good lawyer handling your case, you may not know when you could see or speak with your kids again. Your attorney will have your interest in mind and convince the judge to let you live with your kids again. 

A domestic abuse charge can dramatically change your life. When convicted, you can face a prison sentence, fines, and probation, depending on how serious the charge is. You won’t be able to see your children and this can be quite frustrating for any parent. A lawyer can increase your chances of being acquitted of all the charges you are facing.

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