Tip And You’ll Have Far More Success On Social Media.

There are many, many requirements you need to lock down if you wish to be successful on social media; you need a content creation and delivery strategy, you must understand who your audience is and what they’re interested in, keep an eye out for your competitors and what they’re doing (/not doing), and find a consistent brand-voice (to name a few).

But there is one specific factor that far too many people underestimate – and it has the potential to absolutely change the way you engage with your audience online.

In this article, we’re going to share our #1 tip for experiencing far more success on social media…

Our #1 tip: Create a content delivery schedule

Ugh…Well, that was underwhelming wasn’t it? You were expecting some golden secret to be revealed and it turns out all you need to do is create a content delivery schedule.

Sounds boring right?

It is…

But, it really works!

Far too many business owners are active on social media, but without any real consistency at all.

Sure, creating great content and posting it online is a very good starting point; but, unless you are posting at the right times, on the appropriate platforms, and with unwavering consistency, you’re never going to reach your true potential.

Let’s elaborate…

Why is a content delivery schedule so valuable?

There are a number of benefits of creating a social media content delivery schedule:

  • First you need to identify which platforms your audience is most active on, what time in the day (or night) they are most active, and which days are likely to yield the most engagement.
  • When you consistently post content on set days and at set times, your audience will come to expect and rely upon you. Assuming the content is high-value, they’ll regularly check in and wait for your awesome posts to go live!
  • It allows you to keep organised and to stay on track; this is incredibly valuable for busy business owners who frequently feel overwhelmed by their workload.
  • You can anticipate public holidays and special events and create the appropriate content well in advance.
  • It gives you more time to think up new ideas and keep your content creation fresh.
  • You can take your audience on a journey by crafting content series (e.g., “Become an expert on Local SEO in 30-Days”).
  • Delegate tasks more effectively. For example, when you have a content delivery schedule in place, you’ll know precisely when you need certain tasks completed, such as copywriting for X-date, a video marketing ad for Y-date, and an infographic for Z-date.
  • Publish on multiple platforms more effectively!
  • Get a “big-picture” overview of your content creation strategy.

Final thoughts: People love routine and audiences respond well to brands that are consistent on social media

While there are many practical benefits to creating a social media content delivery schedule – and sticking to it – the main reason boils down to simple consumer psychology; people love routine and the modern consumer responds very well to brands that are consistent across social media.

Turn up when your audience expects you to and always deliver high-value content. You’ll notice a massive increase in your followers, your engagement – and indeed your conversions!

If it all sounds like a little too much work for you, or if like many people you aren’t the “stay organised” type, there’s a viable alternative: outsource your needs to a social media marketing agency.

In any case, we hope this #1 tip of ours has been enlightening and that you now feel ready to up your social media game. Good luck!

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