Top 10 Essential Mobile Phone Accessories List

Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives. Be it Android phones or iPhones, we have a wide variety of choices in terms of cost and specifications. They come with advanced hardware and operating systems that feature millions of apps and games. Another great feature of these smartphones is that they can be enhanced using accessories. There are also many accessories that increase the protection of your smartphones. While some accessories are specifically designed for certain smartphones, there are others that are compatible with almost all devices. Below is a list of mobile phone accessories.

Top smartphone accessories

Mobile phone case

Cases always come on top of the mobile phone accessories list. We use smartphone cases for multiple purposes. Most smartphones nowadays are built with glass or metal exteriors. Even though they are high quality, they can still get scratches or be broken off if not taken care of properly. In such situations, a good case provides extra protection. We mostly prefer cases that are not only durable but also give our smartphones a smart and stylish look. Depending upon our requirements, smartphone cases may be thin or thick and made from different materials.

Screen protectors

The most delicate part of a smartphone is its screen. One fall in the wrong position can ruin your display. Replacing smartphone screens is quite expensive and even then, the newly replaced screens may not be able to provide you with the finesse of the original one. Good quality screen protectors will be able to save your display in the event of such falls. They also keep the display free from blemishes and scratches.

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A phone cannot work without a charger and most smartphones come with chargers along with the package. The chargers that come with the latest smartphones have increased efficiency. These fast-chargers claim to fully charge your smartphone in less than 10 mins. Using fast chargers of substandard quality instead of branded ones can have a huge negative impact on your smartphone’s battery life.

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Power bank or portable charger

While we are cautious about keeping our smartphones charged, sometimes we may forget and not be able to find a charging spot on time. Or we might be in a hurry and have no time to spare to charge. This is when having a good power bank becomes handy. Over the last few years, power banks have become indispensable for us. But we should always thoroughly check their quality and brand as the use of low-quality power banks will result in battery damage. In case you want to buy power bank online, it is best to check for the online reviews for various brands before making a decision.

Phone Holders

Phone holders have become very popular these days. They do exactly what the name suggests – they hold your phone. Phone holders have made our tasks easier in many ways. They help us navigate through GPS without having to take our eyes off the road. We don’t have to hold our phones while watching movies and other videos. With the help of good phone holders, we can keep doing other chores while watching what we want on our smartphones. A proper phone holder is a good accessory.

Gimbal Stabilizer

A Gimbal Stabilizer is a tool that uses motors and intelligent sensors to support and stabilize a camera. With them, you can film silky smooth video footage while on the move. This equipment lets you take smooth videos without any interruptions. As a result, your motion videos come out with exceptional quality.

Earphones or headphones

There is a wide range of earphones and headphones available in the market today. They can be the traditional wired earphones we are accustomed to or the advanced Bluetooth earphones or earbuds. They let you listen to any audio or make phone calls without having to hold the smartphone near you. Using earphones also means that you do not create noise for those around you. Good earphones last long and have good quality audio.

External Storage

We make use of external storage when we have exhausted the memory in our smartphones. Or to store data that you may not always need, but yet is important. You can purchase SD cards according to your needs or external flash drives for phones that support USB OTG.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Every smartphone comes with its own speakers. Sometimes they may not have enough quality or you might need louder audio. Portable Bluetooth speakers come in handy in such situations. Good quality portable speakers are lightweight, durable, and have good audio quality.

Selfie Stick

Gimbal Stabilizers can be called the updated version of selfie sticks. These sticks are used for taking good selfies and wide-angle shots. Nowadays we can find selfie sticks with many features. 

We all tend to buy mobile accessories online. But we don’t always get the quality we hoped for. If we spend some time and understand the best brand for mobile accessories, it is easy to get the best mobile accessories in India itself.

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