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Top 5 tips for mattress maintenance and care

One of the most essential things that impact our sleep quality is our mattress. Did you know the famous footballer Ronaldo spent a massive amount on his mattress, as it is the quality of sleep that impacts your mental well-being and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases? The quality of your sleep is majorly impacted by the quality of your mattress therefore maintaining a comfortable mattress is a must. Most of the time people set up their mattress and forget that it exists. As the mattress determines your sleeping experience to an extent, taking care of the mattress is important for ensuring a good night’s sleep. Here are a few tips that would help you to do so.

  1. Vacuum clean the mattress frequently– A super easy way to stay away from allergies is to vacuum clean the mattress at least once every three months. With time the mattress absorbs a lot of dust making it dirty to sleep on. Therefore, use the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner to ensure that your mattress is dust-free and hygienic to sleep on. You can consider the Sleepspa mattress online as these are super easy to clean and available at reasonable prices.
  2. 3Flip your mattress when required– Do not only use one side for your mattress for a long duration. Flip and rotate it as frequently as possible. If your mattress is new you need to flip it over a little more than usual as most of the mattress settling occurs during the initial time after its set up. Flipping your mattress will make it feel fresh most of the time when you use it. Added to that it will reduce the chances of it getting damaged due to overuse.
  3. Invest in mattress pads-The mattress pads act as a protective layer over your mattress to prevent it from external damage. These are extremely soft and become an additional barrier between you and the mattress. Such pads ensure that the mattress stays clean and the need for using vacuum cleaners reduces. If you do not want to invest in pads then you should go for products like an orthopedic mattress which is made using multiple layers that ensure maximum protection.
  4. Avoid bending or folding the mattress– A mattress is generally made using soft materials and the composition of wires inside it is delicate therefore, one should avoid folding, bending, or dragging it. Such activities can disrupt its form and make it feel uncomfortable to sleep on. While you are covering the mattress with bedsheets try to avoid bending the mattress. Added to that do not sit or put much pressure on the corner of the mattress.
  5. Set your mattress free when going for a vacation– If you are planning to leave your home for vacation then make sure that you imbibe certain changes before leaving so that you come back to the same condition of your home. Set your mattress free by removing bedsheets and pillows from it so that it can breathe. This reduces the chances of any odor or dirt settling on the mattress. Allow your bed to air out while you are away from your home and no one to look after the maintenance.

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