Top Five Procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to the world of midtown east family dentistry! There’s a certain magic in a smile, isn’t there? When those pearls shine bright and right, they make hearts skip a beat. But what if your smile isn’t as radiant as you’d like? Don’t worry, cosmetic dentistry is here to help. Here you’ll get the lowdown on the top five procedures that can transform your smile from ordinary to extraordinary. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Teeth Whitening

Think of your favorite coffee or red wine. They might be your go-to comfort, but they’re staining your teeth. Teeth whitening is the simplest procedure. It can lighten your teeth by several shades. Picture the glow when you flash that bright white smile!


Ever wondered how celebrities achieve those perfect smiles? Most likely, the secret is veneers. These are thin porcelain pieces attached to the front of your teeth. They cover gaps, stains, and crooked teeth. A small price to pay for a picture-perfect smile, right?


Orthodontic braces were metal and ugly. They made you avoid smiling. But not anymore! Meet Invisalign. The clear, removable alternative to braces. They gradually straighten your teeth without people even noticing you’re wearing them. Now that’s a reason to smile!

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth can take away from your smile. Dental implants can fix that. A titanium root is attached to your jawbone. Then a tooth-looking crown goes on top. It’s like the missing tooth never happened. A pretty neat trick, don’t you think?

Gum Contouring

It’s not just about the teeth. Your gums play a big part in your smile, too. If they show too much or too little, gum contouring can help. It reshapes your gums to make your smile look balanced. It’s the final touch for that dream smile.

So, there you have it. The top five procedures in cosmetic dentistry that can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Family dentistry is all about empowering you to shine your light in the world. And it all starts with a beautiful smile. Remember, your smile is your signature, make it count!

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