Tron: Legacy Movie Review

I’m a bit apprehensive about writing a review of Tron Legacy before talking about the original movie; however, I’d like to talk about the film while it is fresh in my mind. Besides, with Tron: Legacy seeing the original film or even knowing about its existence is pretty unnecessary as Legacy stands its ground on its own without any context from the first film. Now, a lot of hardcore fans of the first Tron have been hyping this film to death, especially the months after its teaser premiered at Comic Con. Having steered clear of the hype and also not being religiously in love with the first film, I am prepared to give my thoughts through the perspective of the average movie goer.

Trapped Inside a Computer – The Plot of Tron: Legacy

If you’ve seen the original film, there isn’t too much discrepancy as it pertains to the plot. Basically after the master computer was defeated in the original film Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) was consistently. returning to the computer world in an attempt to recreate it and make it perfect. In order to achieve this, Flynn needed the help of Tron and a program Flynn created in his own image. Unfortunately Flynn’s own program turned on him and overtook the computer world and rules as an evil dictator. Years after his disappearance from the real world, Flynn’s son stumbles upon a secret room in his father’s abandoned arcade and is subsequently dragged into the computer world himself. It’s now up to father and son to get out of the computer world before they are killed by the evil that surrounds them in the computer world.

Tron Really Tied the Computer World Together, Man – Thoughts and Feelings on Tron: Legacy

For what it is, Tron: Legacy is a pretty good movie that I enjoyed quite a bit. Today, these types of films are covered in horrible looking CGI and laced with bad acting and dialogue but Tron: Legacy doesn’t suffer from either of these faults. The film has a pretty realistic feel and does a great job at immersing the audience. A lot of people have claimed that this film is just eye candy. Which it is but it’s eye candy with purpose and drive and very entertaining moments.

The action sequences are excellent and are eons above the original film. Granted, the first film is from 1982 but I digress. It’s one of the few action films where you feel like any one of the main characters could get killed off at any moment, Disney is notorious for killing off main characters, I’ve seen it several times on 123movie.

What makes this movie, for me, is the score. The music is outstanding. An entire soundtrack comprised of Daft Punk mixed tracks that are weaved with orchestral music. Simply amazing. A lot of the time, you’ll find yourself rocking out in your seat ignoring the flashing colors and cute girls in leather. Shocking, I know. The music and the Big Lebowski References make this movie that much better.

I really only have two gripes with this film. For one Tron is barely in this film and when he is he is either covered in a motorcycle helmet or on screen for like two minutes. Granted, the actor who portrays Tron is quite old so I understand. Also when Tron is on screen it is pretty awesome. So that aspect is forgivable. What isn’t forgivable is this 3D nonsense. It’s a scam. I can’t think of anyone I know that actually wants to watch movies in 3D, especially movies like Tron: Legacy that barely had any 3D in it at all. It’s just a way that greedy (choice word) from Hollywood want to steal more money out of reliable and dedicated movie goers. The day this fad dies will be a good day.

Summing Up Tron: Legacy

The way to see this film is to ignore all the hype. The music is awesome, the acting is good, the villain is strong, the action scenes are outstanding, the special effects look awesome, the story (which is heavily biblical I might add) is interesting and followable and the film, in my opinion, is better than the original. With the original it was pretty light-hearted but Legacy turns the eye candy, action and atmosphere all the way up to eleven. Great popcorn flick and one of the better sci-fi action films to come out of this decade.

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  • Tron: Legacy (2010)
  • Starring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde
  • Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
  • Rating: 4/5

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