What Is a Transmission?

A transmission is a machine that adapts the output of an internal combustion engine to the speed of the wheels. The high rotational speed of an internal combustion engine is unsuitable for slow travel, so a transmission reduces this speed to a wheel speed. This increases torque and allows a vehicle to turn corners at a high rate of efficiency. Some vehicles use transmissions for both fixed and pedal bicycles. They can be geared up to switch gear ratios automatically, or manual. A single-ratio transmission may also provide directional control.

Transmission is an essential component of a car

The process of transmission is used to move large amounts of electricity over long distances. It is a part of the front axle in a car, which is why it is called a transaxle. It is responsible for ensuring that the car drives forward and backward, and can carry a high voltage. Despite the name, transmission is an essential component of a vehicle. It is the way that the energy from burning fuel turns the axles.


A transmission can be a signal, message, or a disease that is passed from person to person. It is derived from the Latin word transmissio, which means “to pass over” or “to send.” A radio broadcast, for example, is a transmission of a message. A disease is the movement of a bacteria or virus from one place to another. A transmission of a vehicle is the component that transmits energy from the combustion engine to the moving parts.

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