What is Setting Options at Novita Diamonds

Novita secret platinum formula offers an extensive selection of lab-created diamond jewellery. This jewellery is more sustainable and ethically sourced than traditional mined diamonds, providing customers with a greater choice.

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Bezel setting

If you’re searching for a contemporary engagement ring, bezel settings may be your style. This less-popular style is making a comeback due to its sleek design and contemporary curves.

This type White gold vs platinum of setting encases the gemstone’s girdle with a ring of precious metal, protecting it against damage and concealing any visible flaws on its edges like chips or inclusions.

Bezel settings are ideal for protecting softer gemstones like opals and emeralds. Furthermore, they’re easier to clean than prong settings due to the tight metal band surrounding the stone that prevents dirt from adhering onto it.

Bezel settings provide security and can be paired with a range of styles, from traditional to vintage. They look especially stunning when combined with light-reflecting milgrain detailing which adds an air of old world elegance to contemporary designs.

Tension setting

Tension setting is an elegant and contemporary way to show off your diamond. This ring style combines custom-made metal bands with an innovative system for holding on to the stone.

Tension settings, when properly constructed, offer superior security for your stone. Your gemstone won’t slip or rotate while being compressed between two bands of metal.

However, they’re not as secure as a traditional setting, so you should take extra precautions when doing hand-heavy activities. They are also more vulnerable to knocks and bangs from outside influences.

Tension rings are made with superior metals like white gold, rose gold, and platinum that can withstand intense pressure. Unfortunately, they tend to be more costly than other setting types due to the extra work required.

Prong setting

Prong settings are the most popular type of setting for diamond engagement rings, offering great security to the centre stone and allowing more light to illuminate it for a stunning sparkle.

Prong setting jewellery consists of several metal rails that form a cradle for the centre stone, holding it securely. Once the diamond is set inside, the ends of the prongs are bent towards it to lock it into place and prevent movement.

The size of the prongs on a diamond ring can be adjusted to either elevate or lower it for an eye-catching look. This skilful skill of experienced jewellers allows you to customize the style of your ring.

Prongs can be designed in a variety of ways, from round to pointed and even squared off for decorative designs. Some styles even share prongs to prevent metal from interfering with the diamond’s sparkle.

Pave setting

Pave, pronounced pay-day, is a popular jewellery technique that adds an extra sparkle to your engagement ring design. This typically involves several small diamonds surrounding a larger stone in brilliant shimmer.

Paving can take many shapes, including rounds, baguettes and squares. Jewellers use various metals to craft these settings – gold, platinum and stainless steel are all commonly used for this type of setting.

Selecting the appropriate metal can make your pave setting more durable and resistant to wear-and-tear. Generally, precious metals like gold and silver tend to last longer than less valuable alloys.

Pave settings look beautiful on all types of jewellery. Not only that, but it can also increase the value of your current pieces while adding a stylish flair.


Novita Diamonds offers customers a range of setting options for their lab-created diamond jewellery. Bezel settings, which encase the gemstone’s girdle with a ring of precious metal, provide protection and are easier to clean than prong settings. Tension settings use custom-made metal bands to hold the stone, but require extra precaution during hand-heavy activities and tend to be more costly. Prong settings, the most popular type, offer great security and can be adjusted in size and design for customization. Pave settings add an extra sparkle with small diamonds surrounding a larger stone and can increase the value of jewellery pieces.

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