What is Sports Medicine?

Have you ever wondered what sports medicine is? Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses exclusively on fitness and the development of athletic abilities of the body. Many people think of it in a sense of physical therapy, but that is not the only purpose of sports medicine. There are a few reasons that a person would go to a sports medicine physician to be looked at. Keep reading to read about sports medicine and the benefits of seeing a sports medicine physician.

A Team to Help You Win

Usually, sports medicine is led by a sports medicine physician. However, that is not the only role there is. Often in sports medicine clinics, there are also physical therapists, athletic trainers, and dieticians there to help you reach your fitness goals. The purpose of sports medicine is to help you rehabilitate from an injury, prevent injuries, or to help you enhance your athletic performance. Each of the different roles of physician, dietician, physical therapist, and athletic trainer will help you in a different way enhance your athletic ability and fitness level. Rexburg sports medicine is here to do the same for you. They want to help you reach your athletic and fitness goals. 

Benefits of Sports Medicine

There are many benefits of sports medicine. Some of the most common benefits include injury rehabilitation, as well as improved performance in a specific sport, or just in overall fitness. Another benefit that is not as well known is that sports medicine works well with injury prevention. These sports medicine physicians will put you through a test that will help them see where your ligaments are weak, and then after the test they will create a program that is specific to your needs to help you prevent injuries before they happen. The dietitian can help you come up with a personalized meal plan that will suit your needs depending on the sport that you are playing, or just your fitness goals in general.

Why Should I Go to a Sports Medicine Physician?

Sports medicine physicians have the sole goal to help you accomplish your athletic or fitness goals. They want to see you succeed whether that be in a specific sport, or just in your general athletic ability. They will work with you to create a personalized, custom plan that will help you specifically meet your goals, whether they are tailored to a certain sport or not. They will teach you the right form so that you will be doing exercise that they teach you in the right way. This will help prevent injuries from happening to you during your training.


Although not many people know what sports medicine is, there are a lot of benefits that can greatly help you in your athletic abilities. They will help you meet and surpass the goals that you set for yourself. They are perfect for specific sports, or if you just want to improve upon your fitness in general.

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