What is the Safest URL Shortener?

There are a few options for URL shortening. While many of them are good, there are some that go beyond the needs of the average user. TinyURL, Bitly, Clkim, and T2M are all great choices. But, do you know which one is the safest? Read on to learn more about each service. Listed below are some tips for selecting the safest URL shortener.


When you think of ย่อลิงค์ , TinyURL probably comes to mind. Its free plan allows you to create up to one billion redirects per month, and it offers several beneficial features. Unfortunately, the website is outdated, and the user interface is somewhat lacking. However, it’s free and works well for marketers and users who need to shorten URLs on the fly. The best part is that you don’t need to register or pay to use TinyURL, so it’s a good option for you if you want to create shorter and more memorable links.

As of this writing, TinyURL has been around since 2002, and it provides a simple method for shortening URLs. It allows users to customize the second half of the URL without much fuss, and the short links can be used indefinitely. To keep your URLs secure, you can sign up for a free account with TinyURL and get a personal account with a few paid features.


In terms of cost, Bitly is one of the most affordable เว็บย่อลิงค์ out there. The free basic plan allows for up to 1,000 short links per month. Afterward, you need to upgrade to the paid plan in order to use the advanced features. For example, the free plan will give you 1,000 short links, but they will not include link management or analytics. A paid plan will give you unlimited links, as well as access to data and analytics.

There are some cons of using TinyURL. Using the site at home or work can expose your data. Because the destination URL is hidden behind the shortened link, you will not know if it is a legitimate or not. Additionally, monetized shortened links will lose you money due to low pay-back. But if you’re running a business and want a safe URL shortener, then bitly is the best option.


T2M is a URL shortening service that can help you make your links shorter and easier to remember. This service is also a QR code generator. It is an essential tool for survey agencies and businesses because it allows them to turn messy URLs into seamless ones. There are a few options for customization as well. For instance, you can protect your links with passwords or brand them, and you can even track and monitor their performance. You can also bulk-create your URLs by importing a CSV file.


ClickMeter is another Short URL that allows you to track your traffic and measure the conversion rate of your website. It also lets you know whether your visitors are converting well and what they don’t. It also allows you to create campaigns to track your marketing efforts. And if you’re unsure of the best option, there are free options available. ClickMeter is a click-rate optimization service, but it’s more for advertisers.

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