What Makes a Pro Quality Gaming Setup?

Modern games that are the latest high-budget releases from well-respected publishers tend to be highly demanding in terms of their system requirements. As such, gamers may find that ultra-complex and graphically demanding games, such as Far Cry 6, must be run on lower resolution settings to function effectively on older or cheaper machines. The pace of developments in games is such that a mid-range PC may struggle to play the most graphically intensive games after a relatively short period. Pro gamers tend to opt for flagship models of computers and laptops that have class-leading performance that enables them to run demanding games on higher resolution settings. In addition, a pro gaming setup will include other high-end pieces of tech that allow the best possible gaming experience. This article describes three pieces of gaming tech that are used in a pro-quality gaming setup that provides full immersion and a superior gaming experience.

Essential Gaming Hardware

The most important part of any pro gaming setup is the computer or console itself. For console gaming, the latest and best titles need to be run on current-gen consoles, such as the Xbox X series or the PlayStation 5. Console gaming is favored by many pros thanks to the wide range of top titles that are available and the ease of setup and play. However, many pros tend to prefer a dedicated gaming PC to play the latest titles. PCs tend to be a favored choice for pro gamers as the hardware is constantly improving. In comparison, a console is as good as it can be on day one of launch and cannot be upgraded subsequently. This means that the limit of what can be achieved from a technical standpoint is normally reached mid-way through its life cycle. Today’s generation of gaming laptops features the latest processors, such as the intel i9 processor, which boasts a massive sixteen cores and can handle extremely graphically intensive games. You can view i9 laptops at

Immersive Sound

When professional players compete online in games, they need to make split-second reactions to what is going on in the gaming environment. Any pro gaming rig will take into consideration the importance of high-definition audio as well as the processing power of the PC or console itself. Pro gamers tend to opt for wireless headsets that offer the latest in Dolby quality surround sound. This improved audio fidelity can give a competitive edge to gamers, especially in the first-person shooter genre of games, where locating the enemy through the sound of movement is a key advantage. Here are some of the best pro-quality headsets for gaming in 2022.

4K Screens

Most pro gaming setups will consist of a 4K screen. Whilst the transition from old-fashioned CRT televisions to high definition represented a great jump in graphical fidelity the same can be said of the improvements that 4K resolution gaming brings. The increased picture quality allows almost lifelike graphics to be displayed without flicker or slowdown and can dramatically improve the immersive qualities of any big-budget game. Today, the best laptops tend to have 4K screen resolutions, but for console gaming, the need to buy a dedicated TV or monitor is required. When buying a 4K TV or monitor, consider a high refresh rate, which is indicated by the hertz value of the device, with a higher value allowing for improved viewing performance.

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