What Must You Do if You Hit an Unattended Vehicle?

You were driving through the parking lot and slammed into an unattended car by mistake. Though this driving away from the scene can be very tempting, we suggest not doing it. Driving away from an accident scene can result in hefty charges that could involve paying heavy fines, legal proceedings, and not to forget compensation for the damages. 

Even if there is no visible damage that could be noticed on the car, you must either wait for the owner of the car to come or do the following things that we have mentioned below. There might be a feeling of anxiousness that you might feel after the incident but do not worry there is an excellent Shepherdsville Car Accident Lawyer that can help you get through it.

Things to do when you have hit an unattended car.

The list we are about to go through is extremely simple and will save you from the consequences you would generally go through if you drove away. If you can get these below-mentioned things right, you could save yourself from the misery of insurance companies and lengthy legal proceedings.

  • Wait for the Car owner.

No matter how small or significant the damage has occurred to the car, you must wait patiently for the car owner of the site. You might not want the police to track you down from your number plate and get pressed with legal charges. Once the car’s owner is there, you must explain what happened at the scene and offer them compensation for the charges you have caused. This will ensure that the other party and you will politely handle the case, and no legal procedures will be involved. 

  • Write a note to the owner.

If you are in a rush and have no time to wait at the scene, then in that case, you must write a note to the owner along with your name and contact information and ask them to get in touch with you as you need to explain to the owner what happened and pay for their losses. After doing these, you can officially leave the area, and the owner will contact you if they find it feasible. 

  • Gather Evidence

Before you leave the scene of the incident, you must ensure that you have pictures and video of the damage that is caused to the car. As this would show your innocence and responsible nature if things escalate in the future. Additionally, suppose the victim’s car was parked inappropriately or at a no-parking zone. In that case, the owner becomes liable for compensation, and charges would be pressed against the opposing party.

  • Look for witnesses

If someone on the scene has noticed the crash and knows how it occurred, you must get their contact information and get in touch with them so they can give their urdughr testimony.

There are plenty of instances where individuals have parked their vehicles in a no-parking area, creating havoc on the streets. Having a lawyer to back you up with such incidents is crucial. Your attorney knows the complex legal procedure and can get you out of the situation.

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