What Sets Private Guardians ad Litem Apart from Custody Evaluators?

The most challenging issue in every Utah divorce lawsuit is custody. There may be a lot of strain about how custody and parenting time are divided, even when a couple is largely amicable in ending their relationship. Although each parent may believe they are acting in their child’s best interests, their views are actually very different. 

In most legal cases, the parties concerned can express their requirements personally or through their lawyers. Each parent can express their opinions during a divorce involving children, but a youngster who has been severely hurt is typically unable to speak for themselves. To learn more, contact a sandy child support lawyer

A private guardian ad litem is what?

A guardian ad litem is someone who stands up for a child’s rights in court. In situations of dependence and allegations of neglect or abuse in Utah’s juvenile courts, attorneys are hired by the state office of guardian ad litem to advocate the best interests of children and teenagers. Although they provide a valuable service, we will discuss private GALs in this blog article. 

Attorneys also serve as private GALs. They communicate with children affected by their parents’ custody dispute throughout the court proceedings. District court custody cases can include the appointment of private GALs. If child custody or parenting time are hotly fought issues in the case, they are more prone to be appointed.

What does a custody assessor do?

A qualified specialist known as a custody evaluator compiles a thorough report submitted to the court to assist the judge in making judgments on parent time and custody. A custody evaluator’s job is broader than a private GAL’s; they evaluate each party’s capacity as a parent as well as the needs of the kid or children. The items and topics the custody evaluator should take into account may be specified by the court in the order appointing the evaluator. 

Custody evaluators are not attorneys, unlike private GALs. They are skilled individuals in the mental health field, such as a certified clinical social worker, licensed psychologists, certified psychiatrists, or certified marital and family therapists. The custody assessor is a professional chosen by the court.

Is a GAL or custody evaluator Necessary?

In contentious custody or parent-time situations, a custody evaluator or a private GALmay play a part. Your family law attorney is the best person to advise you on which, if either, is most suited for your case and how to approach them.

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