What to Keep — and Not Keep — In Your Car

As you go to work, the store, and do other errands, having certain things always available in your car can be very convenient. For example, your car manual can tell you what pressure your tires should be inflated to, and a pressure gauge kept in the car can help ensure you do it right.

However, there are also things that shouldn’t be carried in the car, no matter how convenient it is. To make it easier, we’ve created this quick guide to help you determine how to keep your car well-supplied without creating safety hazards.

Let’s dive in!

Yes: Weather Gear

Some of the important items to keep in your car are weather-related. For example, it’s useful to have a spare umbrella in the car. In the winter, a blanket or two can be very helpful, especially if you get stranded.

Other weather items that are useful include a shovel, sand, an ice scraper, and a flashlight with extra batteries. This gear will help you be prepared for any weather situation.

No: Electronics

Electronics that are not permanently installed in the vehicle should never be peopletools att left in the car for long periods of time. When you’re not in the car, the temperature can fluctuate significantly. Electronics, including cell phones and game devices, don’t respond well to extreme temperatures.

Electronics that are left in the car are also easy targets for theft. So don’t take the chance of a battery leak, theft, or screen damage — take your electronics inside.

Yes: Insurance and Registration

If you ever get pulled over, the police officer will immediately ask for your license and car registration. Having your registration easily accessible in the glove compartment makes it much easier to comply rather than having to show up in court later with proof of registration.

The professionals at Freeway Insurance point out that the same is true for your proof of insurance. If you don’t have your insurance card, you could be issued an expensive ticket and have to prove in court that you had insurance at the time of the traffic stop to get it dismissed.

However, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should keep all car-related paperwork in the vehicle — for example, never keep the title of a car in the vehicle. It makes it too easy to steal your car!

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No: Medication

It can be tempting to keep at least some of your medication in the car in case you need it when you’re away from home. However, in general, it’s not a good idea.

Medicines need to be kept at specific, moderate temperatures to maintain their effectiveness. In the summer, your car can easily get over 100 degrees, and in the winter, it could be well below 30. Keeping your medication as well as weed wraps and blunts in the car can damage its effectiveness and is an easy way to get meds stolen as well. This kind of theft can cause damage to the car as well.

Keep Your Car Well Stocked

There are many other things you can also carry in your car, such as safety equipment, a spare tire, reusable bags, and more. However, not everything is safe in your vehicle.

By knowing the difference, you’ll be able to have access to necessary supplies without taking unnecessary risks.

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