What You Should Know If You Want to Become a U. S. Citizen

A lot of people who have been in the U. S. with an immigration visa or green card are looking forward to becoming citizens. Natural citizens in the country enjoy a lot of benefits. But the naturalization process is often complicated without a legal consultation with an experienced citizenship attorney.Form I-130A must be filed with USCIS if a US citizen or permanent resident wants to sponsor their spouse.

Missed deadlines or mistakes made during the process can threaten your chances of becoming an American citizen. A lawyer can guide you through applications, requirements, and tests to reduce the challenges you may come across as you go through the naturalization process. They will determine first if you are eligible for citizenship and guide you each step of the way. 

Benefits of Being a Citizen of the United States

The many benefits that U. S. citizens enjoy make undertaking the tough naturalization process worthwhile. When you become a citizen in the United States, you can travel freely to other nations, sponsor relatives from other countries to come to the United States, and vote in elections. Also, citizens can find more job opportunities. 

Challenges You May Face When Applying for Citizenship

Gaining citizenship in the United States can be quite lengthy and challenging. You must be prepared to take on the legal hurdles you might face. Because of this, you should navigate the naturalization process with an attorney. The following are some of the challenges you may need to overcome in your journey to becoming a citizen of the U. S.

  • Tax issues. If you want to successfully gain citizenship, ensure you don’t have tax issues with the IRS. Unpaid taxes can be a reason your application will be denied. If you are in this situation, speak with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Family problems. Your citizenship application may also be denied due to family issues. Keep in mind that immigration officers will determine the legitimacy of your marriage with a U. S. citizen. Also, other family problems such as unpaid child support can create citizenship hurdles. 
  • Moral character concerns. You need to show good moral character to become a citizen of the U. S. In general, the USCIS will examine your conduct over the last 5 years and review your criminal record and honesty through the application process. If you have a criminal record, you must talk to a lawyer to have realistic expectations. 

Document-Related Issues

When you apply for citizenship, you will fill out a lot of forms and documents to present. You need to produce all requested documents. Any irregularities with your documents might delay or derail your application.  

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