Where can you find inspiration to create an identity

You’ve decided to develop an identity for your business. You’re sitting at your desk, waiting for inspiration to arrive. You are browsing through the designs that are offered by designers on the internet like Turbologo. Are you sure that the entire design will come into your mind like this? If so you’ll have to wait for a long time.

Instead, look at other places for the concept. But where? We have a variety of choices.

What is a logo?

Many people mistake brand names for regular brand characteristics that are designed to make a mark in the crowd of brands, and become more well-known. But, there’s an essential distinction between a logo of a company and an icon that is placed on, for example, websites.

The logo is referred to as the company’s brand name that is registered with the appropriate structures, public organizations. It is also protected under the law. Only the person who owns the trademark has the rights to use it for advertising. However, the standard icons on websites are available not just to businesses as well as to individuals.

It is possible to ask: what is a logo? What is its distinctiveness? The idea of “logo” appeared in ancient Greece and meant “word”, “speech”. That’s why there is a major distinction between an icon and a logo is that an icon could be used as an effective means of communicating. One example is the graffiti found on walls of the past. Logos are, first and foremost an expression which can be enhanced with an original picture.

The logo is always accompanied by an initials of company. The logo is designed to boost the recognition of a brand or business in general. It’s not just designed to make the brand look attractive prominent and easily identifiable however, it also conveys the message inherent in the concept of design and the message of advertising, the motto of the business.

Where can you find logo inspiration

Do not be blinded by the obvious

Spread the ideas further. Explore beyond IBM I love New York and other iconic logos. Explore further.

If you spot something that is memorable or interesting think about it to yourself. Because of even the smallest aspects your design will develop and evolve.

Don’t be afraid to draw sketchy doodles

Sometimes you’ll go overboard and leave no concrete results (or excellent). Why not just shut off your mind and engage in drawing with a freehand and let your imagination run wild by itself.

Of course, the end result could be a page of sketches. However, within this sea of random lines, you might discover something that can alter your mind.

Discover websites using design

There are many specific logo-design websites, such like Logo Gala, Logo Moose and many more. Additionally, you can include graphic design, art and design websites in general on this list, including Dribbble, Behance, or DeviantArt.

Explore subjects that are interesting to you and expand your horizons. You can also highlight and storing important aspects that could be beneficial to your brand.

Learn the history of your competitors

Explore all logos you’ve seen your competitors use since the day the company was established. This is especially fascinating in the event that the brand has a long-standing time.

Find out what the future holds for your business

What do you have in mind for the next twelve to five years? Maybe there will take a turn in direction, or the appearance of new products which may alter the look of your logo. You must design your logo that is geared towards the future as companies evolve with time.

Create multiple mood boards

Brainstorming and mood boards can help clarify your ideas and blend different styles and concepts in different shapes, sizes and subject matter. Explore synonyms and keywords and gather inspiration from various sources and put them on a single mood board to discover how they work together.

Make your brain work through random images

Explore Google or Pinterest images to find related and non-related subjects. Add these results onto the mood bar. Select the color here and there, a form or even a word font. Consider how these various concepts can be combined.

Keep Receptive

The inspiration can strike anytime. Be open to ideas that come into your head. Create an idea that pops to mind even if it appears ridiculous at the moment you revisit the idea to find out what it could do within your brand’s parameters.

At the beginning of design You must abandon your imagination. Offer yourself lots of concepts to consider and then select the most effective elements from each, and then discard the remainder.

That’s all! We hope that our suggestions will aid you in finding your own Source of inspiration. We wish you the best of luck!

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