Why You Should Consider Buying a Lab Created Diamond

The cost of natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds UK are two completely different things. While the first has its own set of advantages, the latter has some downsides. The environmental impact and resale value are often questionable, and lab grown diamonds don’t have the same rarity as natural ones. However, they do have the same basic material – pure carbon crystallized in an isotropic 3D form – as a naturally formed diamond.


Despite the lower cost of lab-created diamonds, they’re no less valuable than natural diamonds. Although they aren’t as rare and expensive as natural diamonds, they’re still incredibly hard and durable, and their low cost can help you cover other wedding expenses, including upgrading your honeymoon, paying off debt, and saving for a rainy day. You might also find that lab-created diamonds don’t look like real diamonds.

In addition to being significantly less expensive, lab-created diamonds have a lackluster resale value. While natural diamonds can fetch a high price, they retain only about 50 percent of their original value after purchase. Natural diamonds can hold their value for decades, and if you’re planning to sell your diamond in the future, you should expect to get at least half of the price you paid.

Environmental impact

One of the main differences between mined and lab created diamonds is their environmental impact. While mining requires more land and produces more pollution, the amount of waste produced is negligible, with the environmental impact of a single carat of mined diamond being no more than ten percent of the emissions of a typical flight to Cancun for a honeymoon. Aside from these environmental problems, mining can also poison people and ecosystems. Thankfully, there is no such danger when it comes to lab-grown diamonds.

While mined diamonds have obvious social and environmental benefits, lab-grown diamonds have significant environmental benefits. They avoid child labor and war-torn producer countries. Lab-grown diamonds also reduce the risk of releasing Oxide into the environment. However, lab created diamonds aren’t perfect. Some synthetic diamond producers are certified carbon-neutral. Nevertheless, it is still better to avoid artisanal mining altogether if possible.


When comparing the value of natural diamonds versus lab-created ones, you’ll probably notice that natural diamonds are the better buy. A lab-created diamond is not guaranteed to retain its value for a long time. In fact, they do not hold much value at all. They are generally meant to sparkle, not to be valuable investments. If you’re considering buying a diamond that you intend to wear for years to come, you should avoid lab created ones and look for an authentic stone.

While there are some benefits to buying lab-grown diamonds, there are also many disadvantages to choosing a mined one over a lab-grown one. For one, mined diamonds tend to be more environmentally damaging than lab-grown diamonds. For every carat of diamond mined, 250 tonnes of earth is moved. However, a lab-grown diamond only releases a few grams of carbon into the air.

Resale value

The resale value of lab created diamonds UK is often debated. Because of their recent technological advancements, their prices are dropping rapidly. As more competitors enter the market, they become more affordable, beautiful, and varied. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a lab created diamond. In the mined world, many people maintain that lab created diamonds do not have resale value.


When purchasing a diamond, you should know that prices are subject to fluctuation. The natural diamond price would be lower by as much as 30% to 70%. Buying a lab created diamond has a higher chance of appreciating in value. This is because it is not limited by nature. The prices of lab created diamonds have decreased over the last year and recently. The Diamond Foundry, for example, recently announced that it would set diamond prices at five-fifths of the Rapaport list. One vendor even approached me on LinkedIn with a low-priced offer.

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